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The Best Bails and Fails of 2011

The human race is capable of a great many things. Failing is certainly one of them, and thanks to the collective efforts of TwisterNederland8, you can now see a glorious 12-minute compilation of the best bails, fails, and blood trails from the year gone by.

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Awesomeness Cautionary Tales Mindlessness Video Clips

Slow Motion Skateboarding Fails

Some people succeed at failing and this video from Youtube user ashomsky celebrates those successes.

Shot on a Redlake N3 high speed motion camera at up to 1,000 frames per second, this fail compilation shows skateboarders who perform some wonderful tricks, they just don’t happen to stick the landing all that well.

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Holy Compilation, Batman!

In the Batman TV series from the late 60s, actor Burt Ward (originally Bert Gervis) played one half of the “Dynamic Duo”, more specifically the embarrassing half. During his time as the Boy Wonder, Ward uttered many ridiculous “Holy,____Batman!” phrases. What follows is a cringe-worthy compilation of those nonsensical exclamations.

Hit the jump to see a similar compilation from the animated series.

Cautionary Tales Video Clips

April Fail

I have been at work for only 10 minutes and am already exhibiting all the signs of extreme grumpiness. Only the misfortunes of others will help to lighten my mood, and thankfully the month of April has been good for that kind of thing. Courtesy of TwisterNederland, here is a collection of bails and fails from the month of April.

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Cautionary Tales Mindlessness Video Clips

All Aboard the FAIL Train

It’s a new month and some people like to reflect on how their lives panned out in the preceding 30 days. YouTube user TwisterNederland is one such person, except he concentrates on things that other people have not done so well. This is his compilation of bails and fails for the month of March.

That was hilarious. Thank you, Internet. In case you missed the fail compilations for January and February, you can find them after the jump.

Hints & Tips Video Clips

How To Do Things Faster

Pressed for time? Need to squeeze more out of your day? This compilation is full of handy hints and tips for speeding up the way you do some of the more mundane things in life like tying shoes laces, peeling a potato, and getting into a parking spot.

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Epic Free Running!

Remember the compilation of terrible freerunning fails and bails? If not, refresh your memory here. As a foil to that, we happened upon a trio of videos that display how the tricks and spins that distinguish free running from parkour are supposed to be done.

The first video, a showreel for British free running team Storm Freerun, contains displays of awesomeness by the team’s current members, although it could have done without all the posturing in the beginning.

The second compilation is by the outfit 3RUN, so-called because of the three disciplines they are excellent at – free running, parkour, and martial arts. It’s a little nauseating in the beginning but if you fight back the vomit, it gets better.

The next clip is the reportedly the world’s best free running compilation, volume 3. It’s relatively entertaining and only brought down by the horrible sounds of Evanescence.

If you have a favourite free running video that you’d like to share, do let us know.

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Cautionary Tales Video Clips

Bails and Fails

So it appears I am the only person in my department at work today. I thought of messing up their work areas but given their high intelligence quotients, I doubt they would believe that an errant rock rabbit broke into the building and went to the toilet on all of their desks. Thus, I am relegated to scrawling the lyrics to Celine Dion’s “All By Myself” on my whiteboard and watching silly people fall down and hurt themselves. Today I find solace in their pain.

It may not have been an entertaining as the compilation of freerunning fails but I found that cathartic. How about you?

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Awesomeness Featured Sports Video Clips

Top 10 Best Jumps Ever!

Humankind is capable of amazing feats in realms of science, medicine, engineering, technology, and a whole lot of other -logies. This extends to the world of sport which has its fair share of loonies out to perform the biggest, baddest, most extreme stunts. From BASE jumping into the Cave of Swallows to high flying squirrels to Travis Pastrana to an airforce officer who is crazier than boatload of epileptics, this compilation of awesome jumps is a homage to extreme sports.

Hit the jump to see more footage from the #1 best jump and another one that I think should have been included in the list.

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Explosive A-Team Remixes

The A-Team may have come and gone in parts of the civilized world. The jibba jabba on Rotten Tomatoes rates Joe Carnahan’s big screen re-imagining/regurgitation at a mediocre 49%. South Africans still have to wait until August 20th to watch Hannibal, Face, B.A. and our local guy Sharlto Copley as the nutter Murdock. To pass away the time, I’m listening to an great compilation of A-Team theme tune remixes.

There are four tracks in the explosive A-Team Remixes package, one for each member of the team. The tracks were created by awesome people with equally awesome names like MSTRKRFT, Rye Rye, Dan the Automator, and Just Blaze. Have a listen to the compilation below.

The Murdock Mix is my favourite. Drop us a comment and let us know which one you liked the most.

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