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Happy Holidays!

Hello from cubicle land! As you read this message, know that I am shackled to my desk and hardly working working hard.

I just wanted to take a little moment to wish you dear reader, a very happy holiday season. If you celebrate Xmas, have a fantastic time tomorrow with your family and friends; if you’re on vacation, enjoy the well-earned rest, and if you’re going to be working during the last week of this year, then please try not to kill anyone. So says this kid with a grenade.

There are bound to be more drunken revelers stumbling out in the streets and roaring downs the roads during this time (like this chap, who was 32 times over the legal limit!). Whatever you have planned for this festive season, please do take care.

Have fun and happy holidays from us here at Onelargeprawn.

[photo by Diane Arbus]

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