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Happy Holidays!

As you read this, know that I have burned the pasta sauce (sugar and peanut butter saved it though) and have made salad for one. It’s the first time in nine years that I have been home alone for the holidays. The voices in my head seems to have taken a break too, so it’s been a rather sobering and lonely experience thus far. Enough of my self-pity though.

Dear reader, whether you’re on vacation or still at work, in the country or otherwise, I do hope that you have a fantastic time with your family and friends in the coming festive days. Whatever you do please be safe, because the world will be a less interesting place without you.

Happy holidays from your friends at Onelargeprawn blog :)

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Happy Holidays!

Hello from cubicle land! As you read this message, know that I am shackled to my desk and hardly working working hard.

I just wanted to take a little moment to wish you dear reader, a very happy holiday season. If you celebrate Xmas, have a fantastic time tomorrow with your family and friends; if you’re on vacation, enjoy the well-earned rest, and if you’re going to be working during the last week of this year, then please try not to kill anyone. So says this kid with a grenade.

There are bound to be more drunken revelers stumbling out in the streets and roaring downs the roads during this time (like this chap, who was 32 times over the legal limit!). Whatever you have planned for this festive season, please do take care.

Have fun and happy holidays from us here at Onelargeprawn.

[photo by Diane Arbus]

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Happy Holidays!

Sometimes I feel the same way about disco Christmas as I feel about herpes. You may have noticed the absence of Christmas related posts here at Onelargeprawn, and that’s because I have left it til the last moment (much like my present shopping).

We have spent the afternoon hurriedly baking for impending feast – for a novice baker, I think the first batch of chocolate and vanilla swirly cookies we made earlier looks quite nice. I think we’ll have a great time tomorrow and wanted to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, then here’s hoping you have a relaxing holiday; if you aren’t on holiday then please accept my condolences.

We’re taking a couple of days break from the blog but whatever you have planned, please be safe as there are sure to be lots more drunken revelers about during the festive season. We’d be very sad if anything bad were to happen to our readers, you bring in the advertising money. I’m kidding, what advertising money? ;-)

Happy holidays!


Birthday Boys & Girls – 16th January


Thank f*ck it’s Friday. This week has felt a month long.
Happy Birthday if it’s your birthday today. A very special Happy Happy to Noo and Rew – lots of love to you both, and Rew I am kinda sorry about the whole religious persecution thing. Anyway hope you have a blessed day (mwahahahaha!).

Also born on the 16th of January are:

  • 1878 – Pamela Colman Smith was an artist, illustrator, and writer. She is best known for designing the Rider-Waite-Smith deck of divinatory tarot cards used by weirdo cat ladies everywhere.
  • 1884 – Robert J. Flaherty was an American filmmaker who directed and produced the first commercially successful feature length documentary film, Nanook of the North, in 1922. I was subjected to Nanook of the North in history of film classes at varsity – it was fairly amusing.
  • 1906 – Vera Menchik was a British-Czech chess player who gained renown as the world’s first women’s chess champion.
  • 1909 – Richard McDonald was an American fast food pioneer and established the first McDonald’s (obviously) restaurant in San Bernardino, California in 1940.
  • 1935 – Sonny Bono was an American record producer, singer, actor, and politician (US Congressman) whose career spanned over three decades. He was also married to flamboyant Sher.
  • 1942 – Kim Jong-il is the leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. He is a self-proclaimed Internet expert (although he allows no-one else in North Korea internet access on pain of death) and commands the fifth largest standing army in the world. The people of North Korea officially refer to him as the “Great Leader” or “Dear Leader”. Quite a scary fellow if you ask me – plenty of  “potential” there.
  • 1954 – Michael Holding is a former West Indian fast bowler. One of the quickest bowlers ever to play Test cricket, he was nicknamed ‘Whispering Death’ by umpires due to his quiet approach to the bowling crease. He is now a commentator on Sky Sports.
  • 1954 – Margaux Hemingway was beautiful American supermodel, actress, and granddaughter of the more famous Ernest. Her tragic life was marked by psychological and eating disorders, and drug and alcohol abuse. She finally killed herself with an overdose of Phenobarbital in 1996. He grandfather Ernest also had huge problems with substance abuse and committed suicide. Craziness was in their DNA fo sho.
  • 1964 – Christopher Eccleston is an award-winning English stage, film and television actor. He is well known for his roles in such high-profile films as Shallow Grave, Elizabeth, 28 Days Later and Gone in Sixty Seconds, and in 2005 totally rocked the ninth incarnation of the Doctor in Doctor Who.
  • 1979 – Valentino Rossi is one of the most successful motorcycle racers of all time, with 8 Grand Prix World Championships to his name. According to Sports Illustrated, Valentino Rossi is one of the highest earning sports personalities in the world, having earned an estimated $34 million in 2007.

Thanks for the info Wikipedia.

Let me know if you’d like me to add a friend, family member or little ol’ you to our daily birthday lists of (famous) people. Mail me names, years of birth, and what makes you or them famous.

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Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Etc!

Just a quick note to wish those of you celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwaanzaa, or are just at home vegging around, have a great time, drink responsibly, and most importantly, be safe.

If you haven’t sent out your festive e-cards as yet, head on over to for some truly cynical gems.