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Onelargeprawn Wishes You A Happy New Year!

2010 has whizzed on by hasn’t it? We couldn’t be happier about that. It’s been a year fraught with tragedy and stressful times. On the whole it’s been terrible, tiring, and sad. If you have been through some depressing times too, we empathize and it is our hope that the universe hears our pleas to make things in 2011 just a little easier to bear. If the past year has been a roaring success for you, then we hope that it carries on in 2011 and extends to all facets of your life.

Whatever your aspirations may be, it is our sincerest wish that you have a very very happy, prosperous, and safe 2011. Peace, love, and double rainbows to you all!

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Happy Holidays!

Hello from cubicle land! As you read this message, know that I am shackled to my desk and hardly working working hard.

I just wanted to take a little moment to wish you dear reader, a very happy holiday season. If you celebrate Xmas, have a fantastic time tomorrow with your family and friends; if you’re on vacation, enjoy the well-earned rest, and if you’re going to be working during the last week of this year, then please try not to kill anyone. So says this kid with a grenade.

There are bound to be more drunken revelers stumbling out in the streets and roaring downs the roads during this time (like this chap, who was 32 times over the legal limit!). Whatever you have planned for this festive season, please do take care.

Have fun and happy holidays from us here at Onelargeprawn.

[photo by Diane Arbus]

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Google Zeitgeist: How the World Searched in 2010

Forgotten some of the highlights and lowlights of 2010? Fear not, the omnipotent Google has you covered. In Zeitgeist 2010: How the world searched, Google collated the billions of searches they processed into an interactive visualization where you can compare the popularity of some world events as seen by different countries in the world.

In addition to the visualization, Google also created a Zeitgeist 2010 video. From songs about bed intruders, double rainbows, and parping vuvuzelas to more grave concerns about politics, oil spills, and natural disasters Zeitgeist 2010 summarizes some of the major events and people that helped to shape 2010 into the year it turned out to be. Take a look below.

BONUS: Here are Google’s most strangest searches in the United States for 2010:

  1. can a horse have ocd?
  2. am i bipolar or overachiever?
  3. why are americans afraid of dragons?
  4. ninjas are better than pirates
  5. why is a raven like a writing desk?
  6. why does brian wilson dye his beard?
  7. should i marry him?
  8. i wish i could speak whale
  9. why couldn’t you stand on the sun’s surface?
  10. why does my baby grunt?

[via PS3ZA | Google]

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Pure Football Competition: We Have a Winner!

Uruguay played France in the second match of the 2010 soccer world cup and resulted in another draw, this time with no goals being scored at all, and an altogether forgettable match. This result does brings our Pure Football competition to an end. You may have seen our “half-time” stats and noticed that a small percentage of entrants (three to be exact) made it from the previous round having correctly predicted the outcome of the South Africa versus Mexico clash. From those three entrants, only one person guessed game #2 would end in a draw , so congratulations go to:

Jarred “Crystal Ball” Milner

====<() PAAAAARP!!! Congratulations Jarred, you’ve scored a copy of Pure Football for Playstation 3! Hard luck to the other entrants, but we do have one more copy of the game to give away so check back next week for another competition.

A big shout out to Ubisoft for organizing the competition prizes.

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Pure Football Competition: Half-Time Results!

The first game of the 2010 soccer world cup has ended and that marks the half-way point in our latest competition. You might recall that we’re giving away two copies of Ubisoft’s Pure Football and to stand a chance of winning a copy, we asked you to predict the outcome of both opening games today. With South Africa having drawn the match against Mexico, it means neither team came out victorious and that spells bad news for our competition entrants who predicted a win from either side. Here are some of our half-time stats in case you’re interested:

  • Percentage of entrants who predicted a South Africa win: 67%
  • Percentage of entrants who predicted a Mexico win: 25%
  • Percentage of entrants who predicted a draw: 8%
  • Percentage of Playstation 3 entrants: 64%
  • Percentage of Xbox 360 entrants: 36%

Congratulations to the handful of entrants who have made it into the second round of our competition. If you have predicted the correct outcome of the next game ,Uruguay versus France, you will gain entry into the final round, and with that a chance of winning Pure Football. Good luck!

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Win Copies of Pure Football!

NOTE: Entry into this competition is now closed. We’ll announce the winners soon, I promise.

The 2010 FIFA World Cup is two days away and the united blare from Vuvuzelas all around South Africa is helping to ramp up the excitement levels. Our friends at Ubisoft are excited too, not only about the month-long spectacle awaiting us, but also their first foray into the core soccer genre, Pure Football. English captain Steven Gerrard graces the cover of this five-a-side arcade simulation that emphasizes aggression and physicality that perhaps might not be allowed in normal games of footy.

We’ve got two copies of Pure Football and don’t know what to do with them. You could take one of them off our hands by simply predicting the outcome of the two World Cup games that will be happening this Friday, South Africa vs Mexico and Uruguay vs France. Make your predictions, send us your entry, and wait for us to give you some good news. Dead simple right? Find the full details after the jump.

Arty Awesomeness Movies Weirdness

The 2010 Vader Project

Darth Vader is a likable chap. He is romantic, can rap, and even gives good directions. Since 2007, artists have been paying tribute to the iconic sith lord by customizing a 1:1 scale replica of the actual Darth Vader helmet used in the Star Wars films.

It’s called The Vader Project and this year 100 notable artists were asked to re-imagine the Darth Vader helmet in their own styles. The results are eclectic to say the least. Have a look at a few of the designs after the jump.

Movies Video Clips

The New “Robin Hood” Trailer Hits The Mark

From the melodramatic tagline to Kevin Costner’s under-acting I don’t have any fond memories of watching Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. At school we despised Bryan Adams for the part he played in music class – our teacher forced us to sing the movie’s ending theme “Everything I do, I do it for you” when she knew very well that we’d rather be watching the hotties horse about in River Dance. In any case, a new Robin Hood movie is on the horizon and from the looks of the trailer, is set to be a more grittier take on the story of the legendary archer and swordsman. Check it out below.

Directed by Ridley Scott (Kingdom of Heaven, Gladiator), the film sees Russell Crowe ditching the traditional tights in favour of a more menacing look – he’s armoured, very medieval, and quite angry about the injustices going on around these fair lands. Cate Blanchett stars as Lady Marian, and Mark Strong will play the King’s dastardly henchman, Sir Godfrey. Robin Hood is set to release worldwide on May 14th, 2010.

[via Cinematical]

Cautionary Tales Useful/Useless Info

The Trend Transit Map for Time Travelers

Pulitzer Prize-winning author George Will is reported to have said that the future has a way of arriving unannounced.

I’m sure a lot of us think about what uncertainty the future holds for ourselves and that of mankind. It seems two futurists that I have never heard of – Richard Watson and Benjamin Frazer – wondered the very same thing, and put their heads together to come up with a staggering set of predictions for 2010 through to the year 2050!

The predictions are in the form of a subway map, called the trend transit map for time travelers and covers trends and predictions in the areas of society and culture, geopolitics, science and technology, transport, news and media, food and drink, the economy, and environment and climate.

Here are some “interesting” predictions I picked up from the map:

  • Within the next 5 years, the number of mobile phone subscribers will be four billion.
  • Prison ships may be the new detention centers between 2020 and 2025.
  • Cosmetic brain surgery could be arriving as early as 2035.
  • Pilotless, hypersonic airliners may be taking to the skies from 2020.
  • Robotic cops may secure shopping malls by 2025 the latest.
  • 80% of the global population may be obese by 2030.
  • The first moon mine may be in operation between 2035 and 2050.

Have a look at trend transit map for time travelers (PDF) and let us know you think about the predictions.

[via The Awesomer]

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A Look Back at 2009

This is it – the last post of 2009. Time flies like an arrow (and fruit flies like a banana) and this year really has raced by. On one hand I’m happy to see 2009 draw to a close, it’s been a bit of a rubbish year, but on the other hand there were some great moments and I’m sad to see those go.

It’s that time of year when bloggers around the world review the year and recap their favorite stories of 2009. I’m lucky if I can remember what happened last month but thank the godsĀ  the Internet has kindly reminded me of highlights of the last 12 months. I have included a few of those moments and my general thoughts about the year after the jump.