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Author: GeeB

We Review: SSX

Whether it is carving, jumping, grinding or flying, SSX has it all. From the word go, I am going to say this game is amazing! Being EA’s first next-gen offering of the franchise, the game does not disappoint. The graphics are great, the locations detailed, and it’s very tricky in parts. And the tricks? Well, they just got more insane than before! Find out why after the break.

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Mercedes Benz Create the Invisible Car

So we don’t usually post big brands here, but this is one marketing campaign that has captured our attention. Mercedes Benz is developing a new range of hydrogen-powered cars. Their claim is that the car will produce zero emissions, thus making it invisible to the environment.

As a part of their campaign they have covered one side of the new car in LED lights and placed a Canon EOS 5D Mark II on the other. This recorded footage live and transmitted it onto the LEDs. The effect: an invisible car. They drove the vehicle around Germany and caught the reaction of consumers. Needless to say, it is very impressive!


We won’t be seeing one of these cars in the near future as the costs will be prohibitive to most consumers.┬áIt is likely only to be put into production by 2015.

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