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A Trio of Star Wars PSAs

In the late 70s, when C-3PO and R2-D2 were taking a break from helping the Rebel Alliance fight off the Galactic Empire, they were assisting in bringing awareness to some of the issues that normal Earthlings face.

In this PSA from a galaxy far far away, R2 is sneakingly puffing away on a cigarette in the corner of the control room, when he is caught by 3PO. 3P0 scolds R2 saying smoking is very bad for the lungs and even though they don’t have them, they should set a good example for the humans.

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Cautionary Tales Useful/Useless Info Video Clips

Venereal Disease and the Magazine of Death

In the spirit of knowledge sharing, we have two educational videos to show you today. They may seem unconnected but can both cause an unpleasant death. First up is a 70s PSA warning against reckless sexual behaviour and then a tutorial on how to use a rolled up magazine to beat down pesky attackers. Enjoy.

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