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A Trio of Star Wars PSAs

In the late 70s, when C-3PO and R2-D2 were taking a break from helping the Rebel Alliance fight off the Galactic Empire, they were assisting in bringing awareness to some of the issues that normal Earthlings face.

In this PSA from a galaxy far far away, R2 is sneakingly puffing away on a cigarette in the corner of the control room, when he is caught by 3PO. 3P0 scolds R2 saying smoking is very bad for the lungs and even though they don’t have them, they should set a good example for the humans.

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Iconic Photos: The Marlboro Man

Clarence Hailey Long, Jr (1910-1978) had a face sunburned to the color of saddle leather and obviously had his priorities straight, saying “If it weren’t for a good horse, a woman would be the sweetest thing in the world.”  A photo of the Texas cowboy in a 1949 issue of LIFE magazine served as inspiration for advertising executive Leo Burnett, who in 1954, conceived the supremely masculine “Marlboro Man”. More about the man and the campaign after the jump

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Electric Cigarettes

On the topic of smoking gadgets – here’s one that offers you a nicotine high with none of the side effects or nasty additives.

Apparently you can smoke electric cigarettes (which are battery powered) indoors at work and in restaurants because they use pure liquid nicotine. So there’s no secondary smoke to harm the people around you.

Check them out on youtube: the new electric cigarette

And check out a full range of products on Smoke51.

The Daily Mail’s article has more information.


Must-Have Winter Accessory: Smoking Mittens

Everyone has their vices, and smoking happens to be mine. Be it in the rush hour traffic, or lighting up after a meal, smoking has become a habit which I happen to look forward to every day. But not in winter time. The thought of stepping out the office and into the dreaded cold and rain of Cape Town to have a fag displeases me greatly. But not any more.

Smoking Mittens is pair of gloves that not only help you keep your hands warm, but has a metal eyelet perfect for holding a cigarette. An added bonus is that they’ll keep your hands safe from the nasty nicotine smell. It’s a must-have winter accessory for the discerning smoker.

Smoking Mittens are available at Suck UK – via CrunchGear.

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Fascinating Cigarette Smoking Facts

During the last century, cigarettes have gone from being the darling playmate bunny that everyone wanted to shag to the drunken stepfather that you’d wouldn’t leave alone with your children. At one time, sportsmen, actors, and celebrities promoted the coolness of cigarettes on television, but now smoking is considered an nasty, socially-unacceptable habit that could endanger you and the people around you.

Here are some interesting cigarette smoking facts you, or president-elect Barack Obama, may or may not have known.

  • Cigarettes are the single-most traded item on the planet, with approximately 1 trillion being sold from country to country each year.
  • U.S. cigarette manufacturers now make more money selling cigarettes to countries around the globe than they do selling to Americans.
  • Urea, a chemical compound that is a major component in urine, is used to add “flavor” to cigarettes.
  • The ‘Cork Tip’ filter was originally invented in 1925 by Hungarian inventor Boris Aivaz, who patented the process of making the cigarette filter from crepe paper. All kinds of filters were tested, although ‘cork’ is unlikely to have been one of them.
  • Contrary to popular social belief, it is NOT illegal to smoke tobacco products at any age. Parents are within the law to allow minors to smoke, and minors are within the law to smoke tobacco products freely. However, the SALE of tobacco products is highly regulated with legal legislation.
  • Scientists claim the average smoker will lose 14 years of their life due to smoking. This however does not necessarily mean that a smoker will die young – and they may still live out a ‘normal’ lifespan.
  • The United States is the only major cigarette market in the world in which the percentage of women smoking cigarettes (22%) comes close to the number of men who smoke (35%).
  • Sugar approximates to roughly 20% of a cigarette, and many diabetics are unaware of this secret sugar intake. Also, the effect of burning sugar is unknown.
  • Smokers draw on ‘lite’ and menthol cigarettes harder (on average) than regular cigarettes; causing the same overall levels of tar and nicotine to be consumed.
  • Smokers often smoke after meals to ‘allow food to digest easier’. In fact, this works because the bodies priority moves away from the digestion of food in favor of protecting the blood cells and flushing toxins from the brain.
  • According to the World Health Organization, approximately 25% of cigarettes sold around the world are smuggled.
  • Nicotine reaches the brain within 10 seconds after smoke is inhaled. It has been found in every part of the body and in breast milk.
  • ‘Toppings’ are added to the blended tobacco mix to add flavor and a taste unique to the manufacturer. Some of these toppings have included; clove, licorice, orange oil, apricot stone, lime oil, lavender oil, dill seed oil, cocoa, carrot oil, mace oil, myrrh, beet juice, bay leaf, oak, rum, vanilla, and vinegar.

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