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Amazing Arizona Landscapes in Time-Lapse

Time-lapse videos are so calming aren’t they? And it seems the state of Arizona provides some wonderful vistas for time-lapse photographers.

Dan Eckert captured the beauty of Arizona in his “hyper lapse” video and now cinematographer Dustin Farrell shows off a year’s worth of time-lapse footage that he made in his home state. In Landscapes: Volume One, Farrell captures the majestic landscapes of Arizona and the incredible city of stars above it. It’s absolutely breathtaking. You must see it.

In his second time-lapse video, Farrell travels to Utah and shoots some of the iconic, rugged landscapes there. Landscapes: Volume Two can be seen after the jump.

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Beautiful California/Arizona Time-Lapse

In a similar vein to Tom Lowe’s beautiful Timescapes, photographer Dan Eckert captures amazing desert vistas in the California and southern Arizona in time-lapse. He uses his own custom-built rig for the longer clips, which he says are in “hyper lapse”.

See more of Eckert’s work on his website.

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