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Strange Spaceship Skeletons

If you liked Jason Freeny’s anatomical sculptures, chances are you’ll appreciate Josh Lane’s inner look at some pop culture vehicles.

The designer from Kansas City imagines what lies beneath the exteriors of fictional spaceships like the TARDIS with its bony chest and two hearts. Lane sketches similarly strange skeletal structures for Serenity, the NCC-1701, a Colonial Viper, and the Millennium Falcon. Have a look at them all after the jump.

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Head-to-Head: Starship Enterprise vs. Battlestar Galactica

So the final season of Battlestar Galactica on it’s way and a new Star Trek movie due out this year. Not being a fan of neither,  it’s unsurprising that I’ve never wondered which vessel from the two franchises would win out in a ship-to-ship match. Thankfully, the interweb is awash with sci-fi fans nerds all too ready to flex their brain muscle, comparing and contrasting the tech on both ships, and choosing a winner.

So join DVICE in their inaugural sci-fi tech contest – Starship Enterprise vs Battlestar Galactica.

Hit the jump if you just want to know who the winner is.