Marvel Christmas Goodies Competition Winners

You may have heard of the MARVEL-lous competition that we ran last week. Today’s the day you find out if you won one of three awesome Marvel hampers courtesy of Disney Africa and Readers Den! Who will our lucky three be? Will it be you? Or you there at the back? How about you over there in the Iron Man cosplay? Nice mask. Drumroll please as we draw the winners…

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The Winners of Our CS:GO Giveaway Are…

We’ve received many brave soldiers volunteers. We thank you for the sacrifice you are about to make. But, sadly, only three brave souls will be going on the mission. The has spoken, and our victims winners are:

Wayne Bossenger

Ruann Swart

Chris Rojo

Congratulations! Your commanding officer will be in touch shortly to issue you with your weapons, cyanide pills, and mission dossiers. Thanks go, once again, to MWEB GameZone for the prizes! Hooah!

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The Springleap T-shirt Winners!

A week has come and gone and with it brings the close of our latest t-shirt giveaway. To stand a chance of winning a t-shirt from the Springleap shop, we asked you to visit the Springleap shop and choose the t-shirt you’d like to win. As we mentioned before, nothing makes us happier than the sight of you having your cake and eating it too.

We had a great amount of interest in this competition. Our sponsors Springleap and its owner Eran Eyal helped to spread it on Twitter, as did a couple of our friends and their friends, so a big thanks to all for getting the word out. And of course, thanks to all of the entrants for sending in their choices. The Randomizer has done its thing and we’re hoping to make Monday a little happier for five lucky people. Could you be one of the winners? Find out after the jump.

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Competition Winner: Caption This!

Our caption contest has come to an end and once again we had a great number of entries so thanks to everyone who submitted their captions. The panel of judges – His Royal Assness (me), Satan’s left foot (Lucy Furr), and queen of the house (Mummy Cat) – have conferred and we’ve picked a winner…

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Head-to-Head: Starship Enterprise vs. Battlestar Galactica

So the final season of Battlestar Galactica on it’s way and a new Star Trek movie due out this year. Not being a fan of neither,  it’s unsurprising that I’ve never wondered which vessel from the two franchises would win out in a ship-to-ship match. Thankfully, the interweb is awash with sci-fi fans nerds all too ready to flex their brain muscle, comparing and contrasting the tech on both ships, and choosing a winner.

So join DVICE in their inaugural sci-fi tech contest – Starship Enterprise vs Battlestar Galactica.

Hit the jump if you just want to know who the winner is.

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The 2008 International Aquatic Plant Layout Contest

I have a dark secret. I sent a family of guppies to their grave as I poured the contents of my fish tank into the garden. It was not out of spite, or because I didn’t get the espresso straight, no chaser that I clearly ordered; I just got bored of the fish.

Boredom has no place at the International Aquatic Plant Layout Contest, where aquascapers (apparently that’s a legitimate word) come together to compete in the largest planted aquarium aquascaping contest in the world. For most, it’s not about the money, rather the bragging rights and recognition for their pieces of “living art.”

Here are the top 3 winners from the 2008 contest. Click the images to see them bigger.

World Ranking 1 – Cheng Siu Wai, Honk Kong

World Ranking 2 – Yutaka Kanno, Japan

World Ranking 3 – Hsu Yung Lin, Taiwan

And spare a thought for A.J. Judy Prajintno Putra of Indonesia whose fantastic, super-wide aquascape only got 7th spot. I’d feel a bit cheated if I were him/her.

See more aquascapes at Aqua Design Amano.