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Amazing Cat and Dog Ads

The internet is a magical place, in fact it is the best source of weird and wonderful content. From the strange to the cute, almost anything can be found. More importantly I have had more time to troll my Twitter account, and I found some awesome stuff. @Pfangirl retweeted an amazing video originally posted by @Yolandi_JvR about a Pedigree ad, which involves cute dogs catching some treats at 1,000 frames per second.

After I showed it to prawn1, he sent me a link with a similar and on-topic video of a Friskies ad. This contained the first (and possibly only) video that was filmed by cats. Different cats across the USA were equipped with HD cameras and left to roam the world as they usually do, for us to see the world from a cat’s perspective.

So who do you think is the next generation of movie stars in the furry industry?