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Blo0p’s Minimalist Superhero Posters

If you’ve recently visited Wallbase, you would have noticed the works of 21-year-old illustrator Andres Romero, or Blo0p as he is known on deviantART. What started out as a simple request from a friend has snowballed into a an extremely large body of work, and Romero’s set of minimalist superhero posters sits at a whopping 129 characters! See a few of those posters after the jump.


Paint Splattered Superheroes

We’ve seen our share of superhero art be it re-imaginings of them as dinosaurs, Mr. Men, or even cats. In a similar theme to the work of Meggs, French web designer Arian Noveir creates more abstract portraits of famous superheroes. In his series of paint splattered portraits (not actual paint, they’re made on the computer), Noveir seems to bring out the chaos and turmoil within these characters.

Have a look at some of the images from Noveir’s Super Heroes: Painted series after the jump.