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Allons-y! Mickey Mouse Returns to his Roots in “Croissant de Triomphe”

Mickey Mouse started out in cartoon shorts back in 1928 with Disney’s Steamboat Willie. Hundreds of appearances later and we see the affable mouse return to his roots in a brand new series. During the course of the year Disney is going to release 19 comedic animated shorts simply entitled “Mickey Mouse” and the first in the series is Croissant de Triomphe.

Combining the hand-drawn 2D animation style reminiscent of Disney in the early 30s with fancy CGI elements from present day, Croissant de Triomphe shows Mickey battling his way through traffic jams and popular Parisian landmarks on a time-sensitive mission to deliver croissants to Minnie’s cafĂ©. Watch Croissant de Triomphe below.

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Blo0p’s Minimalist Superhero Posters

If you’ve recently visited Wallbase, you would have noticed the works of 21-year-old illustrator Andres Romero, or Blo0p as he is known on deviantART. What started out as a simple request from a friend has snowballed into a an extremely large body of work, and Romero’s set of minimalist superhero posters sits at a whopping 129 characters! See a few of those posters after the jump.

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Realistic “Futurama” Character Busts

I love Futurama so this comes as good news, everyone. Artist Ray Lin has been hard at work sculpting busts of the cartoon characters as if they existed in real life. Thus far, he has sculpted Turanga Leela, Professor Farnsworth, Nibbler, and the woefully inept Doctor Zoidberg. Have a look at Lin’s creations after the jump.

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Pot-Shots: Wit and Wisdom From Ashleigh Brilliant

Ashleigh Brilliant (real name) is a 77-year-old author/philosopher/cartoonist from London, UK. He has spent almost 40 years of this life on a project called Pot-Shots. Also known as Brilliant Thoughts, he tries to put down his thoughts in 17 words or less. He hopes that his epigrams will have a profound effect and may “hit you in your heart, brain, or funny bone – or perhaps all three.”

See a couple of pot-shots after the jump.

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I see the future…


I hate to be rude (no I don’t really!) – this is a private joke for Prawn1 – but it’s so funny I had to put it up here.

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