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We Review: Demon’s Souls

Demon’s Souls is, at a very bare-bones level, an epic fantasy RPG with a tongue twister in its name. That description is also about as apt as calling the Internet a “series of tubes”: you’re missing a lot of subtle nuances, nuisances, and other wonderful, shaggy things that begin with the letter “n”. Calling Demon’s Souls “very difficult” doesn’t quite describe the game aptly, either. Nor does calling it “the hardest game you’ll likely play in a long while”. “Brutal”, perhaps. “Punishingly unforgiving”, almost certainly. But at no point is this game “unplayable”. Not by any stretch of the term. Either way, most gamers today are gutless pussies, and this game eats a bowlful of them every morning for breakfast. Without sugar. And with white-hot lava instead of milk. And it hates every mouthful of gutlessness, hoping for a gamer of some substance to come along and give it a chewy challenge for once. Someone that will make it spit you out in disgust because you’ve defied all its attempts to swallow you down and drown you with antacids. Is it you? Are you gamer enough? Will you rise to this challenge? Find out after the jump.