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Tag: dragon quest

We Review: Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King

The original Dragon Quest VIII released in the EU regions on the Sony PlayStation 2 back in 2006 (simply titled Dragon Quest: Journey of the Cursed King because it was the first Dragon Quest title to release in EU regions), and was a highly-acclaimed title back then. I personally loved it and found it to be one of my favourite Dragon Quest games, despite a weaker story than VII (which we reviewed here). Square Enix has remastered Dragon Quest VIII game for the Nintendo 3DS, so it was with great glee I tackled this title to find out what had changed between the original and this version.

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We Review: Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past

Remakes and remasters seem to be a theme for many video game titles this year, and our latest review title is no different. Well, okay, it’s a little different. Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past is a new old game for the Nintendo 3DS family, and the developers have completely rebuilt the game from the knees up (because the game’s original story, setting, and characters are still very much in place). The original, which debuted on the PlayStation 1, was incredibly well received, so how do you improve on a game that’s already a classic? Come along, I’ll tell you.

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We Review: White Knight Chronicles 2

Level 5 has released the latest game in their White Knight Chronicles JRPG series, and Level 5’s well-paid marketing department have sat many long, coffee-laden hours to bestow upon it the creative name of White Knight Chronicles 2. I have always been a fan of JRPG games, because the driver behind the game is the story, not the character. Because WKC2 is a direct sequel to WKC1 (unlike some JRPG games **cough** Final Fantasy **cough**), Level 5 thought it a good idea to also include WKC1 on the same disc. In the same breath, they addressed many of the issues that fans had with the first game, so you can almost call the version that ships on-disc White Knight Chronicles 1: Remastered. Is it worth playing, however? Let me answer that question for you, after the jump.

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