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Tag: horror games

We Review: Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil has been kicking around for a good number of years now. The first game, which appeared on the original PlayStation, was an instant hit, lauded for its use of tension and zombies. The game also introduced us to the evil Umbrella Corporation, and spawned books, movies, and more video games. At around the Resident Evil 4 point, it left its horror roots and went more action-y, culminating in the strange mess that was Resident Evil 6. We still enjoyed the remake of the first game (reviewed here), but we were excited to get our hands on Resident Evil 7, rumored to have its return to the original’s creepiness. Did it? Let’s peek around the corner and find out.

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We Review: Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water

Project Zero (called Fatal Frame in the US), is a survival horror game series based on the concept of exorcising ghosts by using a device called the Camera Obscura. Think Ghostbusters armed with ancient cameras, just WAY more terrifying. The series is almost fifteen years old now, and Maiden of Black Water is the 5th game in the main series. A number of years back, we got a chance to review the Wii version of Project Zero 2, so it’s interesting to see how far forward the series has come since then. And since it’s the month for scary things… come, take my disembodied hand and let me tell you a tale of spine-chilling terror.

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We Review: Project Zero 2 Wii Edition

The Wii has mostly been seen as a console for kids or casual gamers, and not really friendly to hardcore gamers. Disproving this view is a Wii remake of a PS2 horror game: Project Zero 2 (called Fatal Frame 2 on the PS2). I braved the chills and scares of this haunting game to bring you this review.

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