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We Review: ModNation Racers

Sony’s  “Play, Create, Share” initiative started in 2008 with LittleBigPlanet, a puzzle platformer that not only had the player exploring a set of pre-built levels, but allowed enabled them to create levels of their own and share them online with a global community. LBP centered on user-generated content and in February of this year, an astounding two million levels had been created and shared.

2010 rolls on and United Front Games comes out with an ambitious new IP that takes the same “Play, Create, Share” ethos to the wild world of kart racing. I take ModNation Racers to a day at the track and find out if it has the stuff to capture pole position. See my review after the jump.

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Stressed and traumatised?

Experiencing post traumatic stress? Get yourself in front of a computer and indulge in the universally played and consistently mind numbing game Tetris.


Researchers in the UK are suggesting that playing Tetris may help in the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Dr Emily Holmes of Oxford University says that she “wanted to find a way to dampen down flashbacks – the raw sensory images of trauma that are over-represented in the memories of those with PTSD”. According to Dr Holmes, playing Tetris effectively prevents flashbacks and thus helps heal posttraumatic stress – other scientists are unconvinced. More on this from the  BBC.