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The Dalek Relaxation Tape for Humans

If you’re looking for a soothing way to relax, this is not it.

According to comedian Peter Serafinowicz, while they were absent from the series, infamous Doctor Who enemies the Daleks created a series of new-age relaxation tapes for humans. Not usually known for their good bedside manner, an extract from the cassette tape has a Dalek issuing a variety of meditative commands with the goal of achieving peace and calm. Have a listen to the Dalek Relaxation Tape below and feel your stress being exterminated.

[via @JoeyHiFi]

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Stressed and traumatised?

Experiencing post traumatic stress? Get yourself in front of a computer and indulge in the universally played and consistently mind numbing game Tetris.


Researchers in the UK are suggesting that playing Tetris may help in the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Dr Emily Holmes of Oxford University says that she “wanted to find a way to dampen down flashbacks – the raw sensory images of trauma that are over-represented in the memories of those with PTSD”. According to Dr Holmes, playing Tetris effectively prevents flashbacks and thus helps heal posttraumatic stress – other scientists are unconvinced. More on this from theĀ  BBC.