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Remixes That I Used to Know

Feeling so happy you could die? Singer-songwriter and Gotye‘s “Somebody That I Used to Know” is a rather depressing yet catchy tune.

The song has been fodder for other artists and the number of remixes and covers have been on the rise. The most popular cover (by YouTube views) has been orchestrated by Canadian indie band, Walk off the Earth, where the five band members simultaneously play the song using a single guitar. With her cover, Ingrid Michaelson provided the vocals and played all her own instruments, and in his version, Junior Blender adds a touch of reggae to the mix. Have a listen to these covers after the jump.

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Matisyahu: One Day & Beatbox Freestyle

I’m a card-carrying member of the “Beards are Awesome” association. That man, Matisyahu, has one too, making him awesome by association. But so much more than that is his music. A friend mentioned him a long time ago, but I forgot. Then I saw him on the Jonathan Ross show, but I forgot. It was only today that Matisyahu popped into the sieve that is my brain and lightened my mood, so I thought I’d post it lest it escapes me again.

Taken from his 2009 studio album, Light, here is the beautiful message that is One Day.

And here is an acoustic version of the song where the bearded wonder does some cool beatboxing.

To check out more from this good-natured Hasidic rap-reggae musician, head to

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Whatch What You Put Ina

The Overproof Sound System is a collective that hail from Birmingham, UK and started out in 1998 as monthly reggae night called “Overproof”. Since the seventies, reggae music had become ghettoized and Overproof nights provides a party for the crowds that sought to have a good time without experiencing the violence.

Made up of Jah Grizzly, Juggla, Messenger Douglas, Conrad Kelly, Mighty Magoo, and Stallion, the Overproof Sound System focus more on ganja than gunplay, on peace and good vibes, and bringing reggae-style rhythms back to the masses.

The irie single Whatch What You Put Ina is taken off their 2004 album Nothing to Prove. Check it out.

Visit the Overproof Sound System at MySpace – via Horkulated [NSFW].