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Japanese Tron-Inspired Dance Routine

Dance troupe Wrecking Crew Orchestra from Japan channels Tron in one of their recent shows. As it starts, the stage is bathed in darkness, and one by one the members of the group reveal themselves. They’re dressed in special light-emitting glow-suits, and the timing of the lights further enhances their dance routine. Have a look at video below, but beware, it does get a little dubstep-y at the 3:39-minute mark.

[via Kottke]

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Amazing Light Paintings by Trevor Williams

Trevor Williams is a camera freak who loves light painting and shooting things in the dead of night. He is a part of Fiz-iks, a bunch of photographers based in Japan who specialize in light painting. Williams uses a variety of xenon torches, LED lights, electroluminescent wire (el wire), and other doodads to create some fabulous light paintings. Take a look at some of his art after the jump.

Awesomeness Music Video Clips

Matisyahu: One Day & Beatbox Freestyle

I’m a card-carrying member of the “Beards are Awesome” association. That man, Matisyahu, has one too, making him awesome by association. But so much more than that is his music. A friend mentioned him a long time ago, but I forgot. Then I saw him on the Jonathan Ross show, but I forgot. It was only today that Matisyahu popped into the sieve that is my brain and lightened my mood, so I thought I’d post it lest it escapes me again.

Taken from his 2009 studio album, Light, here is the beautiful message that is One Day.

And here is an acoustic version of the song where the bearded wonder does some cool beatboxing.

To check out more from this good-natured Hasidic rap-reggae musician, head to

Flash Games

Lights: An Escape-The-Room Game

Unless I’m on holiday, I have no love for Mondays. If you share the same sentiments, then you’ll relish the opportunity to do something stimulating. If that is your job, then good for you, but if not, then you might like this.

You made your way through ПРОНАЂИТЕ НАЧИН ДА ИЗАЂЕТЕ ИЗ СОБЕ and now it’s time to repeat the feat in another escape-the-room type scenario. Lights is one of the five visually pleasing ESCAPER games created by the sadistic developers at Neutral. The title itself implies sunlight or light in general may be key to your freedom.

Play Lights at and let us know how you got on.

[via bontegames]

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Stumbling in The Dark: Closure

Fridays are good for many things, and one of them is goofing off when you should be working. And to prevent you from being a productive member of the workforce today, I give you Closure.

It’s an inventive platform puzzle game with an ominous soundtrack and quite unusual gameplay mechanics. Telling you anymore will ruin your experience (that and I’m frakkin’ lazy to type).

Go with the light and play Closure at Newgrounds [NOTE: You will need to download and install Flash Player 10 to play this game]thanks Tiny Tim!

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Storage for the ladies…

…and no it hasn’t got anything to do with bras or other breast storing facilities! OK lady readers I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough of boobies etc for the week. I mean I’m not against titties – I have them, half (or slightly more) of the world’s population have them, but I like to see the odd useful thing on the web. Anyway I was browsing another great blog – Neatorama – and I came across this cool and handy lamp that doubles as a place to hang your earrings.


Arty Flash Games

Auditorium – A Game of Music and Light

Auditorium is a fantastic, relaxing puzzle game composed of music and light. In each level, you need to manipulate the flow of light towards what look like equalizer boxes. You can move the directional buttons, and click and drag the edges to herd the light. When  all the boxes are full, you proceed to the next level.

Auditorium is a really intriguing and addictive multisensory experience — part puzzle game, part light sculpture, part musical instrument – Peter Cohen, Macworld

Pay the game at Play Auditorium.