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Dumb Ways to Die

Life is full of death traps and the Metro Trains Melbourne in Australia is trying to warn passengers not to do dumb things.

Reminiscent of the Happy Tree Friends, this cute and somewhat morbid public safety video shows a collection of animated creatures as they die in a number of horrible ways. Using your private parts as piranha bait, poking a grizzly bear, and taking your helmet off in outer space are just a few of the Dumb Ways to Die. Have a look at the rest below.

Dumb Ways To Die was animated by Julian Frost and performed by a Melbourne band, Tangerine Kitty. To download the catchy jingle, its instrumental version, or the ringtone, visit Soundcloud. All the GIFs can be found on Tumblr.

[via Huffington Post]

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The Instructional Guide to Dating

Today was the last day of Short & Sweet, a six-week celebration of the short film genre at the Wunderbar Theatre in Cape Town. I don’t know how I didn’t find about it earlier, but I clearly have a knack for missing the obvious.

Graphic designer and filmmaker Siobhan Bowers has a knack for creating fun and relevant instructional videos. Presented in the style of a retro in-flight safety talk, her short film The Instructional Guide to Dating provides ten useful tips for a successful touchdown on the landing strip of love.