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Breakfast in Paris

Don’t leave food sitting on the table, or else Mama will come for you. And force you to eat it. You can’t run. You can’t hide. Mama will find you. Don’t believe me? Then check out this funny video made by a group of French 3rd year students at LISAA (L’institut supérieur des arts appliqués, or Greater Institute of Applied Arts. If someone who knows French can correct my meager translation, I’d be appreciative!)

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The Instructional Guide to Dating

Today was the last day of Short & Sweet, a six-week celebration of the short film genre at the Wunderbar Theatre in Cape Town. I don’t know how I didn’t find about it earlier, but I clearly have a knack for missing the obvious.

Graphic designer and filmmaker Siobhan Bowers has a knack for creating fun and relevant instructional videos. Presented in the style of a retro in-flight safety talk, her short film The Instructional Guide to Dating provides ten useful tips for a successful touchdown on the landing strip of love.

Cautionary Tales Mindlessness

Travel Posters for Lazy People

As gamers, we’re forever being told to “go outside” and play. However, if you’re an agoraphobic or just darn lazy to see the world, you may like these mock travel posters. Created by Caldwell Tanner (LOLDWELL) for CollegeHumor, the retro posters tell of the wonderful destinations that you can visit by just staying at home.

Explore the frozen lands of the refrigerator, kill time in the picturesque province of Skyrim, and laze about on the comfy slopes of the bed. See Tanner’s travel posters for lazy people after the jump.

Arty Awesomeness Video Clips

Address is Approximate

If you enjoyed the Cinemascapes by Aaron Hobson, you may like the direction that Address is Approximate takes.

Shot on a Canon 5D Mk II, Address is Approximate is an endearing (and a tad depressing) short film that was produced, animated, and edited by Tom Jenkins of UK-based production company, The Theory. The stop-motion animation tells the story of a cute toy robot who uses Google Street View to trade the confines of the office for a driving adventure along the Pacific coast of the United States.

[via Gizmodo]

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Around the World in One Minute

These three guys boarded 18 flights and journeyed 38 thousand miles in their 44-day trip through 11 countries. I am infinitely jealous.

Independent filmmaker Rick Mereki, his director of photography Tim White, and actor Andrew Lees captured almost a terabyte of footage during their trip. They created three short films, one of which is called Move. It’ll take you around the world in one quick minute.

See the other two films, Eat and Learn after the jump.

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Sticking Close to You

Sticky notes don’t have a great life. Many are used and discarded every single business day. There is no chance of escape from this menial existence and there are certainly no travel benefits. In this little stop-motion animation created by Bang-Yao Liu, who you may remember for the awesome DEADLINE, one lucky stick notes traveller goes on a holiday that working class people like me can only dream of. Check out Sticking Close to You below.

[via Illusion 360]


Vintage Star Wars Travel Posters

If you liked Cliff Chiang’s fantastic Star Wars propaganda posters you may love this series of travel-themed posters by graphic designer Steve Thomas.

Inspired by vintage travel posters from the early 20th century his works make a holiday to a galaxy far, far away look so very enticing.

There are eight travel posters in Thomas’ set. Have a look at them after the jump.

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Hayaku: A Time-Lapse Journey Through Japan

We spent a fantastic weekend with the puppies in Arniston. It’s always nice being away and at the end of it, we were loathed to drive back to our normal lives. I’m sitting at my computer now, wishing I were somewhere (anywhere) else … maybe Japan.

Film-maker Brad Kremer spent the summer of 2009 travelling around Japan, and in the short film “Hayaku” he takes us on a time-lapse journey through the country, capturing the hustle of the cities and its residents and the beauty of the surroundings. Hayaku means “hurry up” in Japanese – check it out below.

If you enjoyed that, you might also like Tokyo Sky Drive.

[via Krypty]

Arty History

The Long Forgotten Hobo Code

Did you know that a tramp worked only when forced to, a bum didn’t work at all, and hobo was a worker who wandered the roads? It’s a distinction I wasn’t aware of til now. The term hobo (or bo) originated in United States during times of economic hardship, notably the Great Depression, where the lack of work forced many to walk the roads or ride the freight trains in search of better prospects.

And as the wandered the lands the hobos developed a system of symbols, a code, a language to communicate with each other. The symbols were typically drawn using charcoal on electricity poles or on houses to tell their fellow travellers about those who lived inside. The symbols served as directions, recommendations, or warnings: a circle with two parallel arrows meant “get out fast”, a cat signified that a kindhearted women lived at the premises, and a drawing of two shovels meant that work was available nearby.

I remembered hearing about this quite a while back and had completely forgotten until Chris Burns over at World Famous Design Junkies happened upon a book called “Symbols, Signs, & Signets” and scanned some of the code contained within. Find a few of those symbols after the jump.

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The Longest Way

On November 9th 2007 (and his 26th birthday) the clean-cut, beardless Christoph Rehage planned to take a little stroll from Beijing, China all the way to his hometown of Hanover, Germany. Whilst he didn’t accomplish the feat on foot, he did spend a year trekking through China. During his journey from Beijing to the town of Urumqi, Rehage walked an astounding 4646 kilometres!

During that time he grew a mighty long beard, and his inspiring time-lapse video The Longest Way chronicles the journey and his hair growth. The Times Online think it could be the best travel video of 2009. Take at look at it below; I would recommend however that you see it in HD at YouTube.

BONUS: If you have the time, MapVivo plots out his route. They currently have 237 days of his trip available for you to browse – on each day you can read his notes and see the photos that he took. Check it out!

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