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This Trailer is “Hardcore”

If you remember, Bad Motherfucker director Ilya Naishuller started — and sucessfully funded! — an Indigogo campaign for Hardcore, first ever action POV feature film.

You remember nothing. Mainly because you’ve just been brought back from the dead by your wife (Haley Bennett). She tells you that your name is Henry and congratulations, you’re now a cyborg.

5 minutes later, your wife has been kidnapped and you should probably go get her back. Who’s got her? His name’s Akan (Danila Kozlovsky), he’s just a psychotic megalomaniac with telekinetic powers, and a never-ending army of mercenaries. You’re also in an unfamiliar city of Moscow, Russia and everyone wants you dead. Everyone, except for a mysterious British fellow called Jimmy (Sharlto Copley). He might be on your side. Good luck Henry. You’re very much likely to need it.

You saw a clip of the unfinished film here and it was insane. Now watch the official trailer, which I shouldn’t have to remind you contains liberal amounts of blood and violence (and a scant bit of nudity). This is definitely NSFW.

Canadians are in for a treat. The film debuts at the Toronto International Film Festival this month.

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Sharlto Copley is a Robot Reject in Neill Blomkamp’s “Chappie”

He was your boet in a film shot entirely as an FPS game, and now Sharlto Copley is teaming up with Neill Blomkamp for yet another sci-fi adventure. In Chappie, Copley voices a robot who has been gifted the ability to think and feel for himself. The coming-of-age story has our protagonist going from watching cartoons and looking cool to experiencing first-hand how the world rejects things that it doesn’t understand. Check out the trailer below.

Chappie was shot in Johannesburg and you would have undoubtedly recognized oddballs Ninja and Yo-Landi Vi$$er playing a parental role. Dev Patel is the young creator and mullet-ed Hugh Jackman finds A.I. too unpredictable. Chappie is set for release in March 2015.


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Sharlto Copley is Your Sergeant in “Hardcore” FPS Film

If you liked Bad Motherfucker, you’re going to love this.

Ilya Naishuller, the Russian director who brought you Bad Motherfucker is at it again in Hardcore. Billed as the first ever action POV feature film, Hardcore is shot from the perspective of Henry, a cyborg who needs to save his lady from the clutches of a psychotic tyrant. In for the ride is our very own Sharlto Copley (District 9, Elysium) who provides tutelage on the art of war, in the most British of accents.

It’s action-packed, parkour-filled, and bloody as hell. Check out a clip from Hardcore below.

Hardcore has been shot and edited but it needs some final touches. Naishuller has taken to Indigogo for the additional funds to complete the film. If you’re interested in contributing, you can do so here.

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Entertainment TV Video Clips

Wikus and Charlize

I fokken love Wikus van der Merwe. If Sharlto Copley wasn’t so attached to his real name, changing it to alter ego would be so full of win. Swietie-man is also a viable option, albeit a little creepy.

In this clip from Funny or Die, Wikus tries to get another saffer, Charlize Theron, to present along him at the South African Music Awards 16. A camera crew follows him on his quest and this is the footage they captured. It’s awkward and so very funny.

Your next encounter with Sharlto should be a goodie too. He’s playing the role of loony chopper pilot Capt. H.M. “Howling Mad” Murdock in the upcoming movie A-Team. That should release on August 20th in South Africa.

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A-Team Bootleg Trailer is Action-Packed, A Little Ridiculous

From our last post on the A-Team, it’s evident that both Macross and I were quite jubilant at the thought of A-Team moving from TV to the biggest of all screens. As more info came up, we grew increasingly nervous, and now a bootleg trailer may just push us over the breaking point. Everything seemed fine until the parachuting tank scene. Have a look at the leaked trailer before the suits have it pulled down and someone gets castrated with a rusty spoon. Update: the official trailer is now available.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

Faceman (Bradley Cooper), B.A (Quinton “Rampage” Jackson), Murdock (Sharlto Copley), and Hannibal (Liam Neeson) cause merry, campy mayhem on June 11th, 2010.

Update: Here are some photos from the movie. Why? I have no idea.

Update 2: Here’s the second teaser trailer filled with more of the things you like.

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