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Sharlto Copley is a Robot Reject in Neill Blomkamp’s “Chappie”

He was your boet in a film shot entirely as an FPS game, and now Sharlto Copley is teaming up with Neill Blomkamp for yet another sci-fi adventure. In Chappie, Copley voices a robot who has been gifted the ability to think and feel for himself. The coming-of-age story has our protagonist going from watching cartoons and looking cool to experiencing first-hand how the world rejects things that it doesn’t understand. Check out the trailer below.

Chappie was shot in Johannesburg and you would have undoubtedly recognized oddballs Ninja and Yo-Landi Vi$$er playing a parental role. Dev Patel is the young creator and mullet-ed Hugh Jackman finds A.I. too unpredictable. Chappie is set for release in March 2015.


[via SA Gamer]

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Zef in YouTube Play’s Top 25 Creative Videos

Video-sharing website YouTube and the Guggenheim Museum in New York have collaborated to bring a biennial of creative video. It’s called YouTube “Play” because anyone can do it regardless of background, education, experience, or wealth. They called out for online artists to send in their works and were flooded with a staggering 23,300 videos, submitted from 91 countries around the world.

After some deliberation, a jury of 13 people picked the 25 top videos for the Play exhibition, including two you might have seen on the blog before – Bathtub IV and Synthesia. Rymdreglage’s most excellent 8-Bit Trip got into the shortlist of 125 videos but sadly didn’t make the final list.

You may or may not be happy to know a local rave-rappers Die Antwoord have made the cut. Having toured the US, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel, and becoming a global phenomenon, Waddy Jones and his crass, white trash alter-ego Ninja has been featured in the top 25 for Zef Side, the video that launched Die Antwoord towards Internet stardom.

Have a look at the shortlisted videos and the jury selections at YouTube Play.

[via My Modern Internet]