End of Year Review 2011

It’s been a really eventful year, hasn’t it? Let’s look back on 2011 to see what’s happened!


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ThreeA JDF Armstrong: Help Japan. Get a Toy.

Disasters are a terrible thing. Normally unexpected, they can leave a nation battered, bruised, and broken. The Japan disaster is indeed a horrifying experience and has left the world speechless. People gathered around and watched a mighty Japan shaken to its core by a record 8 magnitude earthquake followed by a massive tsunami – a towering wall and unstoppable force of water, annihilating everything in its path.

If there is any upside to this event, it is that the brute force and ugly side of nature hit one of the most disaster-resilient nations in the world. While some earthquake-safe buildings still stand, thousands upon thousands of people are feared dead and many more are left homeless, having lost everything in the quake and resulting floods.

Japan might be strong, but its times like these where the world witnesses how fragile a nation, and life itself, can be. Quickly after the events started unfolding, a snowball effect began happening from people and organizations all around the world, who all tried to get involved and offer support. Millions of dollars have already been raised by the help of the Red Cross, private organizations, celebrities, etc. But its still not enough. The nation of Japan have many years still ahead of them of repairing and restoring what has been broken and lost, and any and all donations to help those suffering are still needed. Food, clothes, shelter… every bit goes towards some form help.

Who am I, and why I’m telling you this? My name is Simon, and I am the owner of a new South African vinyl toy and limited edition collectible shop called Vinyl Destination. And I’d like to bring attentionĀ  to a new way that you can help those in Japan. I bet you all would agree that there are few things as satisfying than the gift of giving, especially to those who are in need, and one little toy company is really stepping up its efforts to help. Find out how after the jump.