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Can You Escape The Room?

ПРОНАЂИТЕ НАЧИН ДА ИЗАЂЕТЕ ИЗ СОБЕ is a point-and-click adventure game where you are trapped inside a room and need to escape (presumably because you need to pee or something). Finding items and solve puzzles are crucial to your success.

Can you escape room? Try to do it HERE and let us know how you got on. You can find our walkthrough after the jump.

  1. Behind the briefcase is a key.
  2. Go to the painting – at the bottom left is a battery. It reveals a slot underneath.
  3. Use the key in the slot.
  4. There is a black key at the bottom left of the safe nook.
  5. Go to the chair – there is a note taped to the bottom. It says press button for 10 seconds.
  6. There is another watch battery on the skirting board near the chair.
  7. Go to the wall with the two panels on it, specifically to the one on the right. Press button for 10 seconds.
  8. Get the gold bar.
  9. Go to the left panel, press button, and get test tube.
  10. Now go back to the briefcase and use the black key to open it.
  11. Get the envelope, swiss army knife, laser pointer, coloured dice. Note the four letters and their associated colours as you’ll need that later. The envelope contains a GOOD LUCK note.
  12. Go to the corner to the right of the briefcase.
  13. Use the gold bar to lift a loose floor board.
  14. Select the blade on the swiss army knife and remove the nail.
  15. Remove the floor board and retrieve the black light.
  16. Go to the wall socket, use the knife blade to remove the cover.
  17. Select the screwdriver on the knife and remove the two screws.
  18. Remove the switch panel and collect the thirds battery.
  19. Select the laser pointer and add the three batteries to it.
  20. Go to the safe.
  21. Use the cork screw on the swiss arm knife to remove the cork from the test tube.
  22. Get the note. It should read XX = [two-digit number].
  23. Use the laser pointer on the safe. See the combination, replacing XX with the two digit number.
  24. Open the safe, and get the spanner and soundbox.
  25. Fiddle with the soundboard so that each tuner makes a different beep. Once you have five different beeps. Press the eject button.
  26. Collect the note. It should contain eight alphanumeric codes, four of which are blacked out.
  27. Use the knife to get a magnet from the speaker.
  28. Go to the chair, and use the spanner to remove the bolts. Move the chair out of the way.
  29. Now attach the magnet to the bottom of the spanner.
  30. Place the spanner into a hole in the floor. Click the spanner and get an AA battery. Repeat this process until you have four AA batteries.
  31. Place the batteries in the black light.
  32. On the left panel, the black light reveals a piano layout. Remember the letters and associated colours in the brief case? Use them along with this diagram to apply the note positions and colours. Get the key.
  33. Use the black light on the dice. Not the configuration of the dots for each colour.
  34. On the right panel, match the colour of the lights that you see on the panel to the colour of the dice, and the position of the dots on the dice. Recreate the position of the dots using the keypad. Get the key.
  35. Back to the black light – go to the wall socket and use it to reveal the hidden text. It should read LU = [some alphanumeric code].
  36. Go to the loose floor board and use the black light to reveal the hidden text. It should read OD = [some alphanumeric code].
  37. Go to the safe and use the black light to reveal the hidden text. It should read CK = [some alphanumeric code].
  38. Click the gold bar and use the black light to reveal the hidden text. It should read GO = [some alphanumeric code].
  39. Use the black light on the wall above the briefcase to reveal the last panel. Press the button to open it.
  40. Use the black light on the GOOD LUCK note. You will see that the letters that make up GOOD LUCK are connected by lines, for example G is linked to D, L is linked to K, etc. Now apply the same links to the alphanumeric codes you found with the black light.
  41. Punch in these new codes along with the ones from the note contained in the soundbox. Get the final key.
  42. Use the three keys to open the lock box in the briefcase and retrieve the final object.
  43. Exit through the door.

Thanks to PS3ZA lads $Richie Rick$ and tigerminx for tips on using the soundbox.

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24 replies on “Can You Escape The Room?”

:-D havent completed it yet. Trying to, but still peeking at the walkthrough. This will be done later today.

pfft… i must have clicked every pixel and i’m no where near figuring out what the hell is going on.

will have to leave this till my brain rights itself

Perhaps I didn’t explain it well. I started out with the markers all in the middle. Then I started with with the left most one, and moved it up and down til I heard a beep that was different to the normal string of beeps made when you hit play. I then moved onto the next one and fiddled til it made an audible difference. Repeat the process and finally hit the eject button.

The sounbox sucks. The sound goes off after some tries. Just gimme the button postioning. Found the female g-spot easier than this.

This is hurting my brain now. agh fuck it, I’ll stay in the room, i’ll use the briefcase as a loo.

No, not yet… I got so frustrated with that sound box on Friday, so I’ve decided just to let it be. I think that sound box was designed to drive people insane.

ok. i am a dumbass!
i forgot the codes on the paper…
ok. i am out of the room… nice Green EXIT sign!

for the love of god i cant work that damn sound box……………………………………………………………………..

Wow! All this time and hard work only to see a [censored]? I expected at least to see a hot naked girl!

Prawn1: Sorry James, can’t have you spoiling the ending ;-)