Designing an Artisanal Hipster Logo in Six Easy Steps

If you like Earl Grey-fed lactating hamster milk in your flat white, keep your pencils in a moonbag case case, and take many a cross-processed selfie, it’s too late. You’ve gone full hipster.

While hipsters may have niche interests, it appears that hipster branding is rather conventional and common. In fact, six steps is all it takes to create a hipster logo. Illustrator Tim Delger creates a handy step-by-step guide on how to design an authentic, artisanal hipster logo. Check it out after the jump.

Flash Games

Can You Escape The Room?

ПРОНАЂИТЕ НАЧИН ДА ИЗАЂЕТЕ ИЗ СОБЕ is a point-and-click adventure game where you are trapped inside a room and need to escape (presumably because you need to pee or something). Finding items and solve puzzles are crucial to your success.

Can you escape room? Try to do it HERE and let us know how you got on. You can find our walkthrough after the jump.