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Can You Escape the GUEST HOUSE?

prawn1: It’s Thursday and you know what that means don’t you?

blog visitor extraordinaire (that’s you): Not a clue.

prawn1: Good, neither do I. We should do something, how about we try out hand at an “escape the room” game?

blog visitor extraordinaire: Excellent idea, you’re so clever and abnormally handsome. What have you got in mind?

prawn1: Created by GUMP, and third in the Terminal House series of point-and-click, room escape games, comes Guest House. You happened to be trapped in a room and need to get out because, oh I don’t know, a huge manatee will soon arrive to demand sexual favours from you. To prevent such unsolicited intrusions into your body cavity, you will need to collect various objects within the room and use them to reach your end goal.

Play Guest House and let us know how you got on.

[via MyTechMix]

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Flash Games

Lights: An Escape-The-Room Game

Unless I’m on holiday, I have no love for Mondays. If you share the same sentiments, then you’ll relish the opportunity to do something stimulating. If that is your job, then good for you, but if not, then you might like this.

You made your way through ПРОНАЂИТЕ НАЧИН ДА ИЗАЂЕТЕ ИЗ СОБЕ and now it’s time to repeat the feat in another escape-the-room type scenario. Lights is one of the five visually pleasing ESCAPER games created by the sadistic developers at Neutral. The title itself implies sunlight or light in general may be key to your freedom.

Play Lights at and let us know how you got on.

[via bontegames]

Flash Games

Can You Escape The Room?

ПРОНАЂИТЕ НАЧИН ДА ИЗАЂЕТЕ ИЗ СОБЕ is a point-and-click adventure game where you are trapped inside a room and need to escape (presumably because you need to pee or something). Finding items and solve puzzles are crucial to your success.

Can you escape room? Try to do it HERE and let us know how you got on. You can find our walkthrough after the jump.

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BumpTop Desktop: A Beautiful Mess

BumpTop is a new way to interact with your computer desktop. You can create a complete mess of the desktop by randomly tossing documents, or piling them up, or pinning them to boards, much like you would do with a real desk. It’s a movement away from the standard point-and-click desktops.

Watch as Anand Agarawala demos his BumpTop Desktop on TED.

BumpTop is not publicly available yet. Click more info.