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Onelargeprawn Turns One!

My memory is fucking terrible.

I could have sworn today is our blog’s one year anniversary, but it turns out that it was yesterday. This time slip doesn’t surprise me, I have been guilty of forgetting quite a few things this year. Casting that discretion aside, I would like to wish the blog a happy belated birthday!

Unfortunately I don’t have any any presents to give you, our dear readers, except my heart-felt thanks for visiting (regularly or otherwise) and interacting with us. From the very first and brief post a year ago, I like to think my writing has gotten better – the nature of my office job has me summarizing content down into its most succinct form, and that habit has proved hard to break, but blogging is coming a little easier to me now.

Of course I am not the only one who brings you the content on the blog, and I’d like to thank the others misfit writers for their contributions:

  • The devil’s handmaiden and my most wonderful wife, Lucy Furr.
  • Good friend and generally off-kilter muso, Vicky Plum.
  • The mod-master from Pretoria, Ett.
  • Frequent commenter and bunny chow expert, Macross.

Right, the weather in Cape Town is fantastic, and I want to be outside, smoking at the very least. As abrupt endings go, this should be a good spot. Thanks once again for supporting Onelargeprawn!

16 replies on “Onelargeprawn Turns One!”

congrats there mr. prawn!!

this site quickly became one of my few daily ‘must-read’ sites, so thanks to you and your crew for a great site.
hopefully 2010 wont go as quick ;)

Thanks for the compliment dude, it’s the best feeling when people do comment and interact with us. A special thanks goes to you as well, for being one of the top 3 commenters here. In 2009, you have left 153 comments on the various pieces we have posted. Awesome!

Yes the year has gone by very quickly and we have managed to publish 1022 posts; that equates to almost three posts a day. I must find more time next year to blog…

Holy moly, a year already?!? Here’s to another year and a change in the theme for 2010.
Any idea what the very first blog post was on?

Thanks Deems! The year has blown by. Maybe next year will be even better and we can have a party.

@Macross: Did you know that comment marks the 200th one you’ve left on the blog? :-D

Oh, and I believe this is the post you’re looking for.

Happy birthday Senhor Prawn.

And thanks for a freekin fantastic year of blogging. It really is a highlight of ZA blogs.

From the guys from zombiegamer