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Can You Escape the GUEST HOUSE?

prawn1: It’s Thursday and you know what that means don’t you?

blog visitor extraordinaire (that’s you): Not a clue.

prawn1: Good, neither do I. We should do something, how about we try out hand at an “escape the room” game?

blog visitor extraordinaire: Excellent idea, you’re so clever and abnormally handsome. What have you got in mind?

prawn1: Created by GUMP, and third in the Terminal House series of point-and-click, room escape games, comes Guest House. You happened to be trapped in a room and need to get out because, oh I don’t know, a huge manatee will soon arrive to demand sexual favours from you. To prevent such unsolicited intrusions into your body cavity, you will need to collect various objects within the room and use them to reach your end goal.

Play Guest House and let us know how you got on.

[via MyTechMix]

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9 replies on “Can You Escape the GUEST HOUSE?”

ive opened the sleep chamber, and dont know what to do there… ive given her oxygen, got the coin, but…. nothing else that i can do?