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Superhero Gender Swap!

Word from the Daily Mail is that the Chastity Cher is in the final stages of operation gender-swap and will next month ask a judge to formally change her gender to male and forthwith be known as Chaz Cher. Good on her/him.

We now move from the realm of normality to that of the extraordinary, and consider what male superheroes would look like if they were female. Two comic artists Mariano Navarro and Hernán Cabrera do just that – for each month of the year since 2007, they take a male character from a comic book or cartoon and create a suitably sexy female equivalent. Their gender reversals are freakishly awesome (note to self: find better synonyms).

Check out some of our favourite superhero gender reversals after the jump (possibly NSFW).

See the full collection at PORTALCOMIC.

[via Buzzfeed]

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I love that!
That is just AWESOME!
and it makes you think, why aren’t all superheroes hot sexy women?!
Thanks for the AWESOME post!