This Dog Portrait is Made From Its Cremated Ashes

Saying goodbye to one’s pets is a terribly sad affair. But for some people, it’s not necessarily a farewell, as the memory of their pet lives on, in their hearts, or in some cases on canvas.

Lars Marcus and Theo Tverteras from Skrekkøgle have a friend whose setter Susie passed on. The pet was cremated and the Norwegian designers wanted to created a memorial using the ashes. Their website doesn’t go into too many details but it seems the duo modified printer and experimented until they sure the ash would adhere to a dark canvas. See their remembrance photo of Susie after the jump.

See more images from Skrekkøgle’s Ash Portrait project on Flickr. If you’re interested in a similar portrait of your pet, the duo are offering their services.

[via Gizmodo]

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