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Play This: Revenge of the Zombees

I don’t like bees. I’ve been stung on the nose and on the foot (not at the same time), so I keep a healthy distance for the bastards. They’re capable of ruining a perfectly leisurely picnic (the nose incident) or a walk on the beach (the foot fiasco). Thank goodness I haven’t met the killer variety.

The devastation that bees cause is clearly seen in Revenge of the Zombees. In this side-scrolling game from Adult Swim, it seems that a top secret zom-biological research facility has been conducting experiments on bees, and the tyrannous little buggers have escaped. You control this swarm of badly bee-haved insects as they go on a rampage, devouring people and cows, flattening buildings, and swatting superheroes and military choppers out of the sky.

The game warns of explicit 80s-themed gore and heavy metal violence, and takes place in four distinct settings. Hearing the sounds of the alarmed cows as they are engulfed by ravenous bees is half the fun. Play Revenge of the Zombees at Adultswim.

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Watch This: Adult Swim’s “Black Dynamite” Pilot Episode

OMG. This is hilarious. And rude. And violent. And brilliant. So, altogether nothing unusual when the name Black Dynamite is mentioned.

In this pilot episode for Adult Swim’s animated series, Black Dynamite, the Kung Fu-knowing, fried chicken-eating, lady-loving former CIA agent is trying to extract some information when he is asked to take on a more serious mission. It seems that Black Dynamite’s childhood mentor That Frog Kurtis has turned from inspirational puppet TV educator to a life of crime. Kurtis not only controls the sleaze in Puppet Street but has used the power of television to convince all the kids who watch his show to do his evil bidding. It is now up to up to Black Dynamite and his crew to beat the stuffing out of the evil pimp-ass frog. See how it goes down below [NSFW].

The animated series features the voice talents of Michael Jai White as Black Dynamite, Byron Minns (Bullhorn), Tommy Davidson (Cream Corn), and Kym Whitley (Honeybee). You’ll recognize those names from the 2009 live action film. The series is set to premiere on Adult Swim some time this year.

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Play This: Give Up Robot 2

WAKE UP ROBOT!!!! It is time to DAAAANNCEEeeee (again). Give Up Robot 2 is being touted as possibly the best freeware flash game of 2010. In this 8-bit styled puzzle platformer from Adult Swim, you play as a robot who must jump and swing through a series of chambers filled with all manner of colourful things that could kill you. The trippy, epilepsy-inducing visuals are backed by equally stellar music, and some funny commentary along the way.

IndieGames loves it, Bacon and Games thinks it doesn’t suck, and Gamasutra put it on top spot of their best indie games list of 2010. Prove them right (or wrong), check out the 50 brain-melting levels from the original game and then play #2 at Adultswim.

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Robot Unicorn Attack!

Have your ever dreamed that you were a beautiful robot unicorn bounding about a purple landscape with the sounds of Erasure’s Always gently caressing your ears? It’s OK for you to admit it, we won’t judge you. In fact we’re here to tell you, you don’t need to dream anymore!

From Adult Swim comes an addictive flash game where you can act out your equine fantasies. In a similar mechanic to Canabalt, Robot Unicorn Attack tasks you with running as far and fast as you can, collecting butterflies and avoiding obstacles along the way.

Now run my friend, run free like the majestic unicorn you’ve long yearned to be. Play Robot Unicorn Attack now!

The game make take a moment to load so be patient. It’s been played 27,964,553 times so it’s a teensy bit popular. When you’re done, drop us a comment with your top score.


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Play This: Spell My Finger

The weather is tragic here in Cape Town. When it’s cold and wet, the only thing that will cheer me up is playing with a well manicured finger. In Spell My Finger, you pilot a rocket-powered digit on a trippy neon grid, your mission being to pick up scattered letters to spell out words.

Use the arrow keys to steer the finger, and once your word is assembled, hit space to submit it. The longer the words, the better the score.

Get fingering at Adult Swim and let us know what you scored.

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