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Superhero Origins by The Ninjabot

Back in April, the design collective at The Ninjabot set about creating a collection of minimalist art prints, each one telling the story of how a superhero came to be the way that they are. They called it the Origin series on Kickstarter.

The project started out with six prints, but exploded to 13 different designs, and now with Origin Series Part II, The Ninjabot wants to fund the print run of the “Origin Series” as art book with the inclusion of new character designs. Have a look at their beautiful series of superhero illustrations after the jump.

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Amazing Art by Aesthetic Apparatus

Some months, we went to a screen printing workshop and had a fantastic time. Since then I have been yearning to turn a room in our basement into a workshop. Trouble is, the room is filled to the brim with the crap that can’t fit in the house above it. Also, it’s inhabited by the bane of my existence – FLEAS. Tonnes of fleas. I hate them, in a “fuck off and die” kind of way.

Anyhoo (people still say anyhoo right?), if the workshop became a reality, I wondered what kinds of unoriginal, mindless content I would likely produce. I need guidance and inspiration, and who better to get that from than screen printing gurus Aesthetic Apparatus.

Formed by beer-loving designers Dan Ibarra and Michael Byzewski, Aesthetic Apparatus has been creating the most awesome hand-printed concert posters and art prints since 1999. But don’t just believe me – have a look at a small selection after the jump.