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If you’re reading this, you’ve probably zoned out of the semi-final football match going on right now. It’s ok though, Paul the psychic cephalopod has already predicted a Spanish win. I hope for his sake he is wrong, lest the staff at Sea Life in Oberhausen, Germany will be dining on octopus soup in the canteen tomorrow.

In any case, if you’d like to take your mind off the footy and contemplate something more abstract, then have a look at this stop-motion street art short by Italian graffiti artist, BLU. In BIG BANG BIG BOOM, he takes a look at the cyclical nature of evolution. It’s typically BLU, so it’s quite odd but very impressive.

[via Geekiz]

Arty Video Clips Weirdness

COMBO: A Collaborative Animation From BLU & David Ellis

Italian graffiti artist BLU of Muto fame has teamed up with like-minded David Ellis to create a most amazing (and equally oddball) time-lapse animation called COMBO.

The video was made for this year’s Fame Festival.

[via The Awesomer]

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Muto, A Fantastic Wall-Painted Animation

This is totally awesome/weird/hypnotising. Muto is an animation by Italian graffiti artist BLU and is painted on public walls in Buenos Aires and in Baden (fantoche).

And here’s a small gallery of the frankly very odd things he’s painted on walls in different parts of the world.

More at – via Design Boom.