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Competition Reminder: Caption Contest & SA Blog Awards

Just a friendly reminder to those you may have missed this month’s first competition. To stand a chance of winning a t-shirt from the Neatorama shop, enter our worldwide caption contest. It ends tomorrow (Monday, 9th March).

The 2009 SA Blog Awards are upon us, and if you’d like to nominate us click HERE, fill in your details, and hit Submit. The closing date for nominations is Saturday, March 14th Wednesday, March 18th.

Awesomeness Lists

10 Best Looking (And Free!) Screen Savers

Because you love free shit. Click the images to go to the screen savers.

Polar Clock


Hal 9000

Clock Block

Drop Clock

Full list at Unpluggd.

Arty Gaming News Music

Grab The World of Goo Soundtrack, it’s FREE

2D Boy, the devs behind the highly rated World of Goo have released the game’s soundtrack. It was a free download via designer and composer Kyle Gabler’s homepage before tremendous leeching caused it to die.

Get the soundtrack (27 songs, 85 MB) now at a temporary mirror – via Offworld.