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Tag: Nokia N8

Gulp: A Particularly Fishy Tale

From the makes of Dot, the world’s smallest stop-motion film character comes a film that happens to be on the other end of the scale. Gulp is a harrowing story of a fisherman whose catch turns out to be a little more than he can stomach. Have a look at the fishy tale below.

Created once again by Sumo Science, the film/ad was shot using a trio of Nokia N8 phones that were mounted on a basket crane some 36 metres above the ground. The action was drawn out by sand artists and took place on 42.71 metre by 24 metre canvas on a beach in South Wales, UK. Like Dot, Gulp also broke a Guinness World Record, this time for using the largest stop-motion animation set. See the making of Gulp after the jump.

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Dot: A Side-Scrolling Adventure in a Microscopic World

Dot is a very small girl. She is in fact 9mm tall and wakes up in an equally miniscule world full of danger, where it seems the backdrop is out to kill little Dot. In this side-scrolling adventure, the tapestry is snapping at her heels as she attempts to bound over rolling coins, navigate through crystal caves, and cross the perilous seas of pencil shavings, in the hope of escape. Find out what happens next in Dot below.

The stop-motion film was created by Sumo Science and shot on an N8, in essence making it cleverly-disguised Nokia commercial to highlight the phone’s fancy camera and its Carl Zeiss optics. The creators used CellScope, an attachment that can turn the camera of a mobile phone into a low-cost microscope. The ad also set a Guinness World Record for having the smallest stop-motion animation character in a film. See the behind-the-scenes footage after the jump.

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Splitscreen: A Love Story

I must apologize to the gamers who may have been lured here expecting an ode to the humble splitscreen mode. Perhaps my choice of post title was a little ambiguous. This is about love, and where there is love, there is a often a story about it. This one just so happens to be told in splitscreen.

Directed by James W Griffiths and shot entirely on the N8 smartphone for the Nokia Shorts 2011 competition, the short film tells the story of two long-distance lovers whose separate lives are destined to intersect. It’s predictable but endearing nonetheless, see Splitscreen: A Love Story below.

Griffiths’ short film took first place in the competition. You can see the other submissions on Vimeo.

[via blitzmatt]