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Watch: Bigbird the Adopted Pelican Learns to Fish

This is an endearing tale. Bigbird, a great white pelican was separated from his flock during a storm and was found by Jeffrey, a camp manager at the idyllic Greystoke Mahale on the shores of Lake Tanganyika.

Pelicans are gregarious birds who live communally and hunt together, and Jeffrey feared that Bigbird may not be able to feed himself. Each morning he took Bigbird kayaking and fishing. The GoPro footage captures their charming interactions.

[via SA Gamer]

Arty Video Clips

Gulp: A Particularly Fishy Tale

From the makes of Dot, the world’s smallest stop-motion film character comes a film that happens to be on the other end of the scale. Gulp is a harrowing story of a fisherman whose catch turns out to be a little more than he can stomach. Have a look at the fishy tale below.

Created once again by Sumo Science, the film/ad was shot using a trio of Nokia N8 phones that were mounted on a basket crane some 36 metres above the ground. The action was drawn out by sand artists and took place on 42.71 metre by 24 metre canvas on a beach in South Wales, UK. Like Dot, Gulp also broke a Guinness World Record, this time for using the largest stop-motion animation set. See the making of Gulp after the jump.

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BIG CATCH: A Fishy Tale by Moles Merlo

In this cute little short film by Parisian director Moles Merlo, a fisherman trundles up to the end of a pier and tries to catch some fish. Unbeknown to him, a predator is looking to make a meal of him. Hilarity ensues. There’s even a nod to James Cameron’s Titanic at the end. Check out BIG CATCH below.

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