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Tag: party games

We Review: Mario Party 10

The Mario Party series of games—originally developed by Hudson Soft but now developed by Nd Cube—has been around since its inception in 1998 on the Nintendo 64. Every Nintendo console since then has received one or more Mario Party games. Some of you may remember that we reviewed Mario Party 9 for the Wii a while back. The newest addition to the series is called, in a surprise twist, Mario Party 10. Surprise twist because it’s actually the fourteenth iteration in the game series. I grab my dice in hand and head down to the game boards to see just how much fun the new game is. Read more

We Review: Mario Party 9

The Mario Party series of games, essentially a mini-game filled boardgame in a video game (Gameception!), featuring…I don’t really have to tell who it features, do I? Although it’s the longest-running mini-game series, it’s likely the last game in the series for the Wii, so we rolled the dice a few times to see whether a new version of the game was warranted.

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We Review: Ratchet and Clank All 4 One

The Ratchet and Clank series has been going since 2002, and from the first, the little duo has captured the hearts of platform gamers across the galaxy. The series has always primarily been about the insane weapons, and the dynamic duo afterwards. I’d go so far as to say that the series should ideally have been called Weapons of Ratchet and Clank instead. The latest game in the series, All 4 One, is now available, and adds a new twist to the game: 4-player local and online co-op. Does it work? Does it detract from the fun of the series? Let’s find out.

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