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The World Is Saved!

Gamers, whoever and wherever you are, should appreciate this. In a wonderful collaborative effort, IGN and Danny Wiessner (he wrote and performed the piece) created a song for fans of video games and captures the essence of gaming.

From empty stomachs, parched mouths, and the looming deadlines of work life, The World Is Saved takes a look at the trials that we face, the experience we gain after we have finally saved the day, and the memories that stay with us long after the GAME OVER screen.

[via Morne Olderwagen]

Animal Kingdom Awesomeness Photoworthy

It’s a Wild Life: Photography by Süha Derbent

I’m a city boy. Taking me into the bush is as useful as a pork chop at a Bar Mitzvah. Every time I think I see a buck, it turns out to be a dead tree branch. Süha Derbent, however, can easily distinguish animals from trees, and has visited many countries, taking amazing wildlife photos as he goes.

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