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Social Network Sneakers

There is something to be said about wearing your heart on your sleeve and your preferred social network on your feet. Digital artist Gerry McKay wondered what would happen if sports apparel maker Adidas got into bed with two of the most popular social networks. He then illustrated the love children as sneakers, more specifically limited edition shelltoes based on the Adidas Superstar that was first released in 1969.

Have a look at his conceptual designs after the jump.

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Twitter Police – Watcha Gonna Do?

With a ten-fold increase in traffic in the last 12 months, Twitter is taking the world by storm. Several million tweets are posted everyday, and there is bound to be irreverent users spoiling it for rest of the Twitterverse.

That is when the Twitter Police have to step in and bust some heads. A special branch of the force, this independent group fights against bad tweets. This is a day in their lives:

Found via The High Definite.

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Sweetcron – It’s a Lifestream Baby

For those who might now know, a Lifesteam is an aggregated view of your life activities both online and offline which you can share across the social web with your web site’s visitors. When you hang out with your friends in the real world, you talk about all sorts of things like the music you’re listening to, the movies you’ve watched, the games you’ve played, the books you’ve attempted to read. Lifestreaming lets you create the stuff you’ve talked about in digital form.

Sweetcron, designed by Yongfook, a freelance web producer based in Tokyo, gives you the tools to create your Lifestream, with automatic imports of you flickr photos and bookmarks; it had customizable themes, can be self-hosted, and is 100% open source.

Check out or locally-produced to see what Sweetcron looks like.

Sweetcron is in public beta. You can find the install files HERE; a Wiki with instructions to get you started can be found HERE.