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Echo Bazaar: Come to Fallen London

Fellow dude and resident office geek, Fayyaad, is playing Echo Bazaar, a web-browser game that combines elements from RPGs and social networking with a great dollop of Victorian England aesthetic.

Created by Failbetter Games, Echo Bazaar is set in steampunk Fallen London and you play as a new visitor trying to seek your fortune in this dark, foreboding world. You get a limited number of actions that you can perform on a given day, and these actions enable you to wander Fallen London, get up to mischief, or take on quests. Performing such actions have effects on your character qualities. Unluckily you being at New Newgate Prison, a jail carved into the body of an immense stalactite – it’s supposedly escape-proof. To get your adventure started, log on to Echo Bazaar using your Twitter account. If you don’t have one, simply sign up for an account.

I’m not the biggest fan of RPGs so it’s taking me a while to get into it, and if you find yourself a little overwhelmed, this wiki page might be of help. If your friends are on Twitter and playing it as well, you can keep up with their progress. To see how horribly I’m getting on, follow onelargeprawn on Twitter. Other resident blogger Lucy Furr is also touring Fallen London.

Oh, keep in mind that Echo Bazaar is still in beta so it could be a bit buggy.

[thanks for the tip, Fayyaad]

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Sweetcron – It’s a Lifestream Baby

For those who might now know, a Lifesteam is an aggregated view of your life activities both online and offline which you can share across the social web with your web site’s visitors. When you hang out with your friends in the real world, you talk about all sorts of things like the music you’re listening to, the movies you’ve watched, the games you’ve played, the books you’ve attempted to read. Lifestreaming lets you create the stuff you’ve talked about in digital form.

Sweetcron, designed by Yongfook, a freelance web producer based in Tokyo, gives you the tools to create your Lifestream, with automatic imports of you flickr photos and bookmarks; it had customizable themes, can be self-hosted, and is 100% open source.

Check out or locally-produced to see what Sweetcron looks like.

Sweetcron is in public beta. You can find the install files HERE; a Wiki with instructions to get you started can be found HERE.