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Lost in Tokyo

Photographer Mark Bramley found himself in Tokyo, Japan for two days. He did what any good photographer might do — he created a time-lapse video of the things and people that he encountered in this most cosmopolitan of cities. Lost in Tokyo comprises 10,000 photos, all shot on a Canon 5D MkII. Check it out below.

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You Won’t Believe She is Levitating

And it’s a good thing that you don’t believe everything you read, you keen observer you. Natsumi Hayashi, a pretty teenager from Tokyo, Japan takes self-portraits at just the right moment in time when it looks like she is performing an incredible act of levitation. Hayashi takes hundreds of photos of her jumps in and around the capital city until she gets the perfect, most natural-looking levitation.

Have a look at some images of Tokyo’s levitating girl after the jump.

Arty Photoworthy

The Bitter Girls – A Place in Your Life

Easy there tiger. There are no nasty ladies here (although you might want to visit this post for tattooed girls).

The Bitter*Girls is the work of Japanese photographer Jyune who uses tilt-shift photography to take real scenes and transform them to look like miniature models. Whilst there may be a glut of such tilt-shift photos on the Interwebs, the micro-worlds created by Jyune somehow look more charming to me. Check out a small gallery below.

See more of Jyune’s fascinating tilt-shift photography at The Bitter*Girls blog.

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Arty Awesomeness

Tokyo Tilt Shift

Tilt-shift photography is a technique that makes life-sized locations look like a miniature-scale models. It’s been done to death in photos, but I haven’t come across a video that uses this technique. Until now.

Using a Canon EOS 5D Mark II and both time-lapse and tilt-shift techniques, Vimeo user mockmoon creates these most awesome clips of Tokyo and Yokohama. See them below.

Miniature City

Miniature City 2

You can watch them in HD at Vimeo – Miniature City | Miniature City 2.

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