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Breathtaking Footage of the Cape Town Stadium

Time really has flown by, the 2010 Soccer World Cup is just two weeks away. Within 33 months, the brand new 68 000-seater Cape Town Stadium was erected. Made out of 93 000 cubic metres of concrete, some 9 000 glass panels, and the sweat of 2500 workers, the stadium is quite the spectacle. The bill for this massive project was a an equally whopping R4,4-billion.

African Renaissance, a local film production company has put together fantastic time-lapse footage that not only shows the beauty of the stadium but of the surroundings of Cape Town itself. Check it out below.

More facts about the stadium can be found at Cape Town Travel. Incidentally did you see the GIANT VUVUZELA mounted on the unfinished section of highway in town?

[via Wezzo | 10and5]

11 replies on “Breathtaking Footage of the Cape Town Stadium”

wow there some awesome shots in that vid.

heads up to anyone that is interested… the cooling towers adjacent to the n2 are coming down this sunday. so make sure and get some snaps of the two iconic towers before they get relegated to the history books.

Oh is that what that thing is up on the highway, I’ve been looking at it from behind where I park my car every morning. Though it was some type of wind tunnel for a film shoot.

@Deems: They are evil. I’m sure people blame them for the Stormers losing the Super 14 final.

@easy: What time are these towers coming down?

@prawn1 – that’s a good excuse, isn’t it? WHAAAAT?

@easy, @prawn1 – Jet Demolition were only awarded the contract 5 or so days ago – and by the sounds of it they’ve not confirmed an exact date for the demolition but there apparently will be viewing areas for the public to watch them come down.

R6m demolition costs for cooling towers – News24

Deems, that link doesn’t work (loads the IOL home page) but I assume it’s this article you speak of. When we drove past it on the way home today I saw sign for “Ross Demolition” on the fence – odd. The sign to the public viewing area was visible as well.

I dropped easy a message and he thinks it might happen tomorrow. He said he’d let us know. I’ll keep a look out on the news as well.