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Breathtaking Footage of the Cape Town Stadium

Time really has flown by, the 2010 Soccer World Cup is just two weeks away. Within 33 months, the brand new 68 000-seater Cape Town Stadium was erected. Made out of 93 000 cubic metres of concrete, some 9 000 glass panels, and the sweat of 2500 workers, the stadium is quite the spectacle. The bill for this massive project was a an equally whopping R4,4-billion.

African Renaissance, a local film production company has put together fantastic time-lapse footage that not only shows the beauty of the stadium but of the surroundings of Cape Town itself. Check it out below.

More facts about the stadium can be found at Cape Town Travel. Incidentally did you see the GIANT VUVUZELA mounted on the unfinished section of highway in town?

[via Wezzo | 10and5]

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Enter The GameState

This is not one of those paid-for advertisements. I know this because I don’t feel any richer/happier, even though for today, I accept payment in the form of ice cream.

Described as “The most epic gaming show. Ever. Seriously.”, GameState is a brand new channel on Zoopy TV dedicated to gaming news. I know what you’re thinking – given the plethora of international gaming sites and local gaming blogs, what new stuff is GameState going to bring to the table? Currently there isn’t much chew on aside from a few game reviews and interviews, but you have a chance of telling GameState what you think of it thus far and suggest improvements or things they can consider for inclusion in future shows. Here’s a couple of things I jotted down:

  • Show needs hawt cheerleaders.
  • Every presenter needs a sidekick, perhaps a little child dressed in a banana suit.
  • A Game of the Year run-down.
  • Christmas shopping list suggestions.

Your (constructive) feedback will not go unrewarded,  the viewer who gives them the most valuable feedback will win a gaming hamper from Megarom.

Here’s what you need to do – head on over to, watch the content, and send your feedback to the show’s delectable host, Grant Hinds – Remember to include your email address, contact phone number, console(s) of choice, and the relevant website you represent. If you happen to fill in for the last bit and get selected as the winner, I’ll win a prize too, and it’ll be a lot better than ice cream. Huzzah!

You have until December 18th to get your suggestions in. Good luck!

Arty Video Clips

It’s all in the Muti!

TGIF. And none too sooner, I’m running on fumes. Whilst the FIFA World Cup madness is going to be happening down in Long Street, I’ll be heading in the opposite direction, up Kloof Street to AFRIKA!

A collaboration between Muti Clothing and designer studio Am I Collective, AFRIKA! is a range of tees inspired the dark continent which we call home. The peeps over at Groundglass created a catchy viral spot for the launch. Check it out below.

The event starts at 6:30pm tonight at The Garage, 8 Kloof Street. See you there.

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ZA NEWS: Changing The Face of South African News

Popular South African cartoonist Zapiro is tired of just being in the news, and is now making the news. Debuting on October 6th and delivered exclusively on the Internet, ZA NEWS takes a satirical look at South African politics and the celebrities that make the magic happen.

The “news” segments are acted out by rubber puppets who are remarkably similar to the politicians they are parodying. Each show is around five to seven minutes long, and there is wrap-up show on Saturday. Have a look at the inaugural episode which features President Jacob Zuma, Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, and always-entertaining Julius Malema, who this time can’t seem to find the word Internet in his dictionary.

Catch more of ZA NEWS at the Mail & Guardian.

According to the SABC are less than thrilled about the matter as they already have a satire show that broadcasts daily, it’s called The News ;-)