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Pure Football Competition: We Have a Winner!

Uruguay played France in the second match of the 2010 soccer world cup and resulted in another draw, this time with no goals being scored at all, and an altogether forgettable match. This result does brings our Pure Football competition to an end. You may have seen our “half-time” stats and noticed that a small percentage of entrants (three to be exact) made it from the previous round having correctly predicted the outcome of the South Africa versus Mexico clash. From those three entrants, only one person guessed game #2 would end in a draw , so congratulations go to:

Jarred “Crystal Ball” Milner

====<() PAAAAARP!!! Congratulations Jarred, you’ve scored a copy of Pure Football for Playstation 3! Hard luck to the other entrants, but we do have one more copy of the game to give away so check back next week for another competition.

A big shout out to Ubisoft for organizing the competition prizes.

5 replies on “Pure Football Competition: We Have a Winner!”

‘grats to Milni.

We still have one more copy to give away Azraelz, so keep a look out for another competition this week. It’ll be easier this time.

I only play PS3, and as the last game is X-Box, i can wait this out.
i was close, i got the one game.