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Flying High: Prawn1 Goes Tandem Paragliding

Our department at work doesn’t get to go on outings too often, but when we do, the rest of the company is left in a jealous rage when they find out what we got up to. This time, I suggested and got tasked with organizing the team outing – tandem paragliding. I knew we could jump off Lion’s Head in Cape Town, and our landing site had to be in close proximity to alcoholLa Med in Clifton fitted that bill perfectly. So I knew the start and end points, and just needed to find someone to make the flight happen. After a few calls, we went with booking agents Cape Xtreme Adventure Tours.

We got to the Lion’s Head parking lot a little earlier than expected (thanks Rikki Taxis), so I calmed the mood by smoking several fags whilst waiting for the tandem paragliding pilots to rock up. They arrived on time, and we proceeded to walk up the mountain to the jump point. I’m not the healthiest dude around – let’s just say I won’t go to a gym if there isn’t an escalator to the entrance – so the trek was as pleasant as finding cat vomit in your shoe.

At the jump point, we got assigned to our pilots – I got the uber-cool Stephan, owner of Cape Town Tandem Paragliding, who explained the procedure to me and harnessed me up. Luckily I had a harness that didn’t squish my sugar lumps, so that was all good. We laid out the paraglider wing, and before I knew it, I was fastened in front of Stephan, the paraglider was airborne, and my feet had left solid ground.

I’m terrible at describing things and emotions, but the flight was absolutely phenomenal – Stephan piloted us up and around the mountainside, then zipped back towards the sea, and at places the paraglider just floated there, giving me a fantastic view of the surrounding mountains, city suburbs, and the vast sea and gathering clouds ahead.

It was so quiet and peaceful up there that I didn’t want to come down. But we had to descend, and after a few spiral drives, we touched down softly on the grassy pitch next to the bar. Even though we had been up for a while, it seemed so short, and the moment we landed, I wanted to do it again. And I will…soon.

Big thanks to Guillaume at Cape Xtreme Adventure Tours and Stephan at Cape Town Tandem Paragliding for making this an awesome and memorable experience :-D

[Photos by D. Campbell]

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What’s that Smell? Soccer Player Farts, Get a Yellow Card

I couldn’t possibly make this shit up if I tried. During a game of footy somewhere in Manchester UK, a player was carded for passing gas. Chorlton Villa were playing rivals International Manchester, when Manchester were awarded a penalty.

As the spot kick was taken, One of Chorlton Villa’s players farted, and the penatly was saved. The referee, however, called foul and yellow carded the Villa player for cutting the cheese at an inopportune moment. Villa’s goalie was then given the red card for saying the ref was “the worst he had seen in years” and another Villa player was sent packing for expressing disbelief that his mate could be sent off letting rip a bottom burp.

Needless to say, Villa won the game 6-4 but now face a fine of GBP 97.00.

Full article at BBC News.

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High Flyers: World Record BASE Jump off The Burj Dubai

The Burj Dubai skyscraper under construction is Dubai, tops out at over 800 metres, making it the world’s tallest building. And back in May 2008, in the early hours of the morning, two men stole into the building (at the time it was 650m tall). They casually walked up t0 the 160th floors (it took them 75 minutes to do so) and flung themselves off the building. Robin Schmidt and Jan Bednarz were filmed the first men (Hervé Le Gallou and an unnamed British man) to perform a world record (and highly illegal) BASE jump off the Burj Dubai.

Here’s the video of their crazy feat.

Read the full story at Current – via Laughing Squid.

UPDATE: An official world record BASE jump was carried out in January 2010. Read that story at Word Records Academy.

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Death by Hart Attack

Freestyle motocross racer Jeremy Lusk, a gold medalist at the 2008 X Games, died on February 11th whilst attempting a backflip at a competition in Costa Rica. Lusk failed the Hart Attack backflip, and slammed headfirst into the dirt. He suffered head and spinal cord injuries, and was put into a medicine-induced coma. Lusk died with his parents and his wife, Lauren, at his side. He was 24.

See the crash below. It’s disturbing.

Lusk had crashed before whilst performing the same trick at the 2007 X games but walked away unhurt. That prompted calls for an end to a so-called “blood sport” that makes injury and death almost inevitable. In contrast others said Lusk, like other stunt riders knew the risks but did it anyway, and died doing what he loved. What’s your opinion? Let us know in the comments.

Read the full article (and 506 comments!) at Fanhouse.

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Bar Refaeli Makes Cover for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

Quite frankly the only time Sports Illustrated gets my attention is when the Swimsuit Edition comes out. And the prestigious 2009 cover went to 23-year old Israeli model Bar Refaeli. This time I might actually buy the magazine instead of sneaking off to the cleaning aisle at the Supermarket to sweatily paw through it. The missus gets terribly embarrassed and tells passers-by that I’m special.

For those remotely interested in fashion, Refaeli’ wears a string bikini by Missoni, the photo is modern, her hair and swimsuit look natural. You see her freckles. And so does Leonardo DiCaprio who happens to be her boyfriend. She’s been in the S.I.’s swimsuit edition three times already, but this is her first time on the cover. Blah blah blah. I know what you want, hit the jump already!

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Playing with Balls: The Glass Pool Table

Australian company Nottage Design have created an innovative pool table. The G-1 Glass top pool table features a glass top and patented Vitrik playing surface that give resistance to rolling balls, much like playing on the traditional felt. Apparently the surface creates a stunning ‘floating on air’ effect as balls glide smoothly and quietly.

This “fusion of modern styling and latest technology” is not only innovative when it comes to design, but also to the pricing – it’s going for a whopping AU $39,900! Crikey, I think Nottle’s got kangaroos loose in the top paddock, fair dinkum.

More at Nottage Design – via Born Rich.

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Massive Damage: Top 10 Most Brutal Knockouts

Momma said knock you out.