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TMNT Stop Motion Intro is Totally Radical, Dudes!

Cowabunga dudes! Videographers Kyle Roberts and Nathan Poppe set about recreating the opening credits to the 1987 animated series of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The duo opted for the stop-motion approach, with Poppe drawing the colourful backdrops and Roberts posing the TMNT action figures (and a very special action star in the role of Splinter). The Boom Bang provided a cover of the theme song. 4000 images later and their nostalgic tribute to the heroes in a half shell was complete. Check it out below.

[via Best Week Ever]

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Stop-Motion Ninja Duel is Bloody Badass

Ninjas are sneaky, except when they’re not. In this fantastic stop-motion short from animator Olivier Trudeau, two action-figure ninjas are locked in a duel to the death. Who will emerge as the victor? Find out below.

[via Live for Films]

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Witty Toy Stories by Aled Lewis

If you are a regular consumer of the Internet, you are sure to have come across Aled Lewis. Using the alias Fatheed, the illustrator based in London, United Kingdom has had many of his humourous t-shirts designers printed on Threadless.

In his series entitled Toy Stories, Lewis creates scenes using toy animals and action figures and adds speech bubbles to explain the situations. In typical Lewis style, they’re funny and always witty. Check out Toy Stories after the jump.

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WWII Star Wars Action Figures

Ever wondered what George Lucas’ epic adventure Stars Wars would look like if it were made in the 1950s? YouTube user whoiseyevan imagined just that in his pre-make.

In another blast from the past, custom action figure creators Sillof and Glorbes wondered what Stars Wars would be like if it happened on planet Earth during the time of World War II where the Rebel Alliance were the allied forces and the Galactic Empire were the nefarious Nazis. The first series their joint effort, Star Wars 1942, debuted in 2008 and featured custom action figures including high-flying Captain Hank Solowski, his first lieutenant Chuck Backer, and corporal Lucas S. Walker. In 2010, series 2 debuted with the likes of General Ben Kenworthy, the two steampunk battle droids, and the most menacing Reichsführer Vater. The attention to detail in the figures is quite remarkable. Have a look at them after the jump.

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Win Exclusive Prototype Action Figures!

Radical Entertainment’s shape-shifting open-world action game Prototype is a little over a week away from release in South Africa. As a birthday present to me (from me), Prototype has been pre-ordered from online retailer Fingers crossed that I’ll get the limited edition Alex Mercer figurine that comes with that (am_nesia hope you’re reading this ;-))

If you haven’t pre-ordered Prototype yet and missed out on the figurine, or just like collecting this kind of stuff, our friends over at Curious Onion are giving away two of the intricately-designed, 7-inch tall action figures of the super powerful anti-hero. It looks like this:

If you want to stand a chance at winning one, head to Curious Onion for the full competition details.