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Look at This Water Bubble in Space

The astronauts on board the International Space Station have access to a range of sophisticated equipment, including a RED Epic Dragon camera that is capable of shooting video at resolutions to 6K (that is, 6144 x 3160 pixels). Naturally, one of first things the astronauts did was to grow a water bubble, fill it with dye and then dissolve an effervescent tablet in that floating ball of water. The results are superb, check it out below. If you have a monitor capable of displaying 4K, be sure to select the 2160p quality setting for the full effect.

To see more 4K videos from NASA, check out their Ultra High Definition playlist on YouTube.

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Woah Dude! Trippy Audiovisual Landscapes

Dutch filmmaker/musician Kamiel Rongen creates the most hallucinatory, meditative, and mesmerizing music videos in a fish bowl using paints and other liquids. Have a look at one of his “audiovisual landscapes” below, entitled Shortcutz. Be sure to watch it in full screen mode.

Experience more of Rongen’s trippy videos after the jump.

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Game of Thrones Characters Reimagined as Mr. Men and Little Miss

You’ll love this. Your favourite Game of Thrones characters are getting an adorable makeover. Each day, this single-serving site will reduce the characters of George R. R. Martin’s epic series of fantasy novels down to their single personality types, in the style of Roger Hargreaves’ “Mr. Men” and “Little Miss”.

Gregor Clegane forms an imposing shape as Mr. Brutal while Joffrey goes red in the face as Mr. Rageous. Littlefinger clearly agrees that his first name should in fact be Pimp. See them and a few more after the jump.


Beautiful Underwater Ink Photographs

You may recall Albert Seveso and his images of coloured varnish coming into contact with water in a fish bowl (refresh your memory). In his latest series, Aqueous Fluoreau, photographer Mark Mawson creates equally stunning and more vibrant photos when he captures the interaction between ink and water.

Have a look at some of his striking underwater ink photographs after the jump.

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You Won’t Believe it’s Nonpareils!

What looks like a low quality jpeg image contains a surprisingly high amount of nonpareils. 221,184 sprinkles to be exact.

Art student and Flickr user Joel Brochu glued hundreds and thousands of tiny candy sprinkles to a 4-inch by 1.5-inch board to create an image of a beagle getting a bath. He used jewellery tweezers to place the sprinkles of six different colours, and double-sided tape to ensure they stuck in place. Eight months later, and Brochu had a sweet recreation of a photo by Shingo Uchiyama.

Have a look at Brochu’s version of “be patient” beagle after the jump.

Arty Photoworthy

Light Painting in Old German Bunkers

Hitler has been in the news recently. Christian Dior suspended its British fashion designer John Galliano when he was caught on video hurling anti-Semitic remarks and saying how much he loved Hitler. And most recently, provocative Danish director Lars Von Trier got the boot from the Cannes Film Festival for calling himself a Nazi and saying that he sympathised with dead tyrant.

David Gilliver is causing no such rucus. Thankfully with his works, we can see the Nazi (structures) in a different light. The photographer who lives on the island of Guernsey in the Channel Islands, uses a variety of doohickeys to create wonderful light paintings in and around the concrete bunkers, gun batteries, and other fortified locations that were at one time used by Nazi forces. Have a look at some of his colourfurl long exposures after the jump.