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The Scale of the Universe

We’ve seen enough documentaries to know that the universe is rather large. These shows have compared the relative sizes of the planetary bodies in our solar system and taken us on trips to distant worlds in outer space. And projects like THINGS (The HI Nearby Galaxy Survey) have gone to great ends to catalogue the galaxies that have been observed thus far.

The Scale of the Universe is an informative Flash that shows the universe from the tiniest particles at fractions of a yoctometre (10-24 of a metre) to humans to giant nebulas that look like testicles to the very edge of what we can observe, many many gigaparsecs away.

Take that intergalactic trip in fullscreen here.

The animation was created by a 14-year-old Cary Huang, with help from his twin brother Michael.

[via PS3ZA]

Gaming News

Video Games vs The Real World

Some people tend to poo-poo video games saying they are aimed at anti-social hermits who’d rather spend more time living in a digital world than in the real one. This is not such a bad thing, according to Games Radar who’ve drawn up some 30 comparisons between video games and the real world, fairly proving that playing in weird and wonderful game worlds is a great escape from the dull real world.

A pudgy Italian plumber who battles the turtle-like Koopa race and rescues the princess versus some boring dude with a spanner who might piss in your sink depending on how you’ve treated him.

Top-heavy, gun-toting, hot-pant-wearing Lara Croft versus some frumpy ladies digging with toothpicks.

Going in guns blazing versus setting in a muddy trench eating mud soup.

For more, hit up the full article at Games Radar.

BONUS: Directed by Frank Budgen, Double Life was a TV spot that aired in 1999 and romanticized gaming culture. Check it out below or go to YouTube.

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